What Would You Want in iOS 6?

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Apple kicks off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year on Monday. The rumors wheels are churning and there’s speculation in the air. What’s going to be announced? What’s going to be revealed? As always, it’ll be a time of interest and disappointment. Some rumors will be right, some will be oh so wrong, and some reveals will come out of nowhere. Most definitely iOS 6 will be revealed, but what will that all entail?

Will there be Facebook integration? Will the iPhone have a larger screen and an uglier back plate? Will Apple dump Google in their maps? Siri on the iPad? New Macs? The release of Mountain Lion?

So if Tim Cook sat down with you for lunch and asked what you’d like to see from Apple on Monday, what would you recommend?

Better Siri? More iCloud integration? Or maybe a totally new Apple product like a waffle maker, the iWaffle?

Let’s discuss!

Brett Barner


Brett Barner likes Apple in both technology and fruit forms. The former he uses as fancy calculators from the future to connect to the internets; where he then writes about his experiences here. The later he uses for pies. Additional writings can be found on his personal blog, bybrettbarner.com, and Twitter @brettbarner.

4 responses to What Would You Want in iOS 6?

  1. Calum Henderson June 8, 2012 at 9:36 am

    My vote is for turn by turn directions in Maps. I’m also keen for some wider Siri integration into other Apps.

  2. As a non-4S user I’d like to see Siri available for purchase as an app for the iPhone or iPad 2.

    Also some reworked core apps like Mail and Calendar would be nice. The ability to customize interface beyond folders and background.

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