Would You Waterproof Your iPhone?

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If you could waterproof your iPhone… would you do it?

A new company named Liquipel is hoping you’ll say “yes”. They use a “nano coating” the permanently bonds to the phone’s surface to keep it functioning normally even underwater. This coating supposedly permeates every part of the hardware to allow for complete water immersion without any damage. Keep in mind that they don’t expect you to take your phone swimming with you, but if it accidentally gets wet… it’ll be okay.

Waterproofing costs $59 and takes 1-2 days. Which means you would be w/out a phone for at least that long… with shipping back and forth.

Watch a video of Liquipel in action after the break!

Would you waterproof your iPhone?

6 responses to Would You Waterproof Your iPhone?

  1. I wasn’t expecting such a low price tag. Might be sending mine in. Any idea if they do iPads?

  2. Personally I can’t see the point of this – especially for an iPhone. Isn’t the iPhone an all in one case anyway and the only points of water ingress would be the places that this product can’t (and doesn’t) protect?

    Namely, the sim card slot, the headphone & charging ports.

  3. WOW! If I only had that a week after I bought my phone. It slipped right off the couch and into a glass of orange juice. Dang it!

    • Dang that is rough. Was Apple nice to you and reach it? My sister once dropped her phone in a “sticky substance” at a college party… And then proceeded to was it off under the faucet. ;)

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