How To Avoid Limited “Unlimited” Data

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Last Thursday I was going about my business when I received a text message. It was from AT&T. Uh-oh. I really like having mobile access to the internet. Being able to check email, update Twitter and catch up on blogs anytime anywhere is a convenience I’ve come to take for granted. Apparently AT&T noticed.

When we first purchased iPhones two and a half years ago I never thought we’d cap out the “unlimited” data plan. After receiving the text message warning I made sure to always have Wifi turned on. You can adjust the Wifi setting on your iPhone using these simple steps.

  • Settings > Wifi > On > Choose a Network

Tada!One unintended consequence of trying to avoid the threatened decreased data speeds is that I’m reading a lot more. I hesitate before taking out my phone to check Facebook if I’m not near Wifi and instead open a book. Maybe I didn’t abuse mobile internet access and AT&T just got a peek at my sagging shelf of unread books.

Are you a mobile internet super user? Do you think Wifi will eventually be available everywhere and eliminate the need for data plans? 


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My name is KC and I LOVE being a husband & dad. I am a Mac fanboy, tentblogger, MBA grad, cubicle dweller and frequent abuser of Twitter & Facebook.

3 responses to How To Avoid Limited “Unlimited” Data

  1. “Maybe I didn’t abuse mobile internet access and AT&T just got a peek at my sagging shelf of unread books.”

    That line got me. Needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks KC!

  2. I really only get close to going over when I’m doing a lot of tethering. It comes in pretty handy when I have down time while doing something like riding the CalTrain. It becomes pretty addictive and you soon find yourself tethering all the time whenever you have a spare moment or when the connection you’re using isn’t optimal.

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