Tweetbot future update will include push notifications for first 1000 users!

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Tweetbot announced yesterday that it submitted an update to Apple that will include push notifications. As an avid Tweetbot user this is excellent news! However the notifications are experimental and will only be available to the first 1000 users.

The official change list for Tweetbot v1.4 is as follows:

  • Experimental Push Notification Support
  • Ability to publish text notes with tweets
  • Selected tabs remembered when switching between accounts
  • Ability to view someone else’s lists as tweets
  • Various bug fixes

Here’s what Tweetbot has to say about their temporary 1000 user limit,

For launch, we are allowing around 1000 twitter accounts to access push notifications. We’ll be carefully monitoring performance and adding more users as fast as we can. To register your device for push, turn on at least one of the switches in the push notification settings. It’s all on a first-come-first-serve basis and if you have access to push and turn them all off, someone else may take your spot. We want to ensure that push works well for everyone and, while it may seem frustrating, we are working as hard as we can to make sure that everyone will eventually have access to push notifications.

I think this is a good thing. We’ve lived without Tweetbot push notifications for so long now. What’s a little while longer so they can get it right?

Do you use Tweetbot? Will you be fighting me for a spot on the 1000 user test group?

11 responses to Tweetbot future update will include push notifications for first 1000 users!

  1. hell yeah! love that app.

    and yes… i want one of those invites…

  2. I haven’t seen the update yet. I’m anxious! :) Such an amazing twitter app.

  3. I got push working but I’m not getting badges on the app. Weird.

    • Can I see a screenshot? I’m not sure what you mean.

      • The notification badges on the app. You know when you get a new message in Facebook, it puts a 1 in a red circle in the upper right corner of the icon?

        I don’t get those badges on Tweetbot.

        • Oh I understand. I suppose they were more concerned with creating a little “ding” and a lock-screen notification than the badges. I forget about those because I have them turned off for everything except emails and texts. They stress me out ;)

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