Top 6 iPad 3 Rumors

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There are few other times of the year besides Christmas and birthdays that Apple fanboys look forward to more than new product release dates.

We have expectations that Apple has willingly fed year over year. And when these unofficial “deadlines” pass, we’re heartbroken, if not a little enraged.

  • Every Summer we expect a new iPhone
  • Every Fall we expect a new iPod (2011 disappointed)
  • Every Winter we expect updated Macs
  • Every Spring we now expect new iPads

Of course the iPad 3 rumor mills began churning out predictions the day after the iPad 2 starting shipping last March.

Here are the Top 6 rumors from around the interwebs with my gut reaction assessment.

courtesy of Industry Gamers

  1. Faster processor – standard upgrade operation procedure. No further comment.
  2. Retina display – given the success of the iPhone 4/4S the screen upgrade for the iPad 3 makes sense, but I don’t think it will be a deal breaker.
  3. Better camera – I’ve actually been left feeling non-plussed when it comes to the camera on the iPad 2. Not that I’m hauling it around to replace the point-and-shoot functionality of the iPhone, but I expected more. With that in mind I’m not sure if the iPad 3 will feature the phenomenal camera from the iPhone 4S, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  4. Screen size – while I’d personally like to see a 7″ iPad nano (or super iPod Touch), I have strong doubts that Apple will consider this form factor. Although, the additional portability and reaching target audiences looking for a one-handed device may tip the scales.
  5. Memory – if you consider the progression of storage capacity in other Apple devices I think it’s safe to assume the iPad 3 will come in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. However, if an iPad nano is introduced it’s anybody’s guess.
  6. Siri – for those of us who didn’t get on the iPhone 4S train and are suffering from Siri-envy this will seal the deal. Especially since Siri has been live for nearly 5 months now the potential for Siri-integrated applications on the iPad is as endless as on the iPhone if not more so.

Now, the big question is:

What do I do with my iPad 2?

With the predicted announcement falling on March 7th the window of opportunity to offload an iPad 2 for top dollar in anticipation of what the iPad 3 might hold is quickly closing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPad 2 is great device. I use it almost every day and so do my kids. For everything from playing games and watching movies to interacting with education apps and catching up on blog reading.

The beauty of the iOS platform is the ceiling for applications is only limited by human imagination.

What other predictions do you have for the iPad 3?
Would you sell your iPad 2 before/after launch?


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