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Looking for a few great apps for your iOS device? The Apple App Store is now home to over five hundred thousand apps, and there are lots of quality apps that are free. But with all things, if you want push notifications, quality support and amazing UI, you may need to pay up.

I thought I would throw out there a list of my 5 favorite Social Media apps on the App Store.

Social Media is an ever growing trend and everyone is trying to jump on board with an App to make millions. With any app though, you have to hit it when the timing is right. How many Twitter apps are there? 500? 5000? For us Geeks, only one!

Let’s get on with the list!



Tweetbot is hands down the ONLY Twitter app that one would need. I have literally spent over a 100 dollars trying to find the perfect app for Tweeting, this is it! Tweetbot has everything one would need for the Twitterverse. Push notifications, swipe controls, double tap updates, pull to refresh, it even is incorporated with Pocket!

Tweetbot is my most used tool on my iPhone! Period.



Facebook has taken the world by storm, movies and all! Facebook has their own app and honestly not many other apps to use. In my use of it, mainly for Geek for i’s Facebook page, the app is not that great. Slow load times, notifications that have already been looked at etc.

The reason why Facebook is on here is because it’s a must to stay in touch with your Facebook friends and all of the pages one follows.

Yes the app has it’s issues, but by miles and miles it is beyond what anyone else has brought to the App Store thus far.



Pinterest used to be my wife’s favorite spot to go, I may have taken that from her! I love this network.

Geek for i is on Pinterest and sharing our favorite images of all kinds. The importance of Pinterest and the way you get to interact with other folks via Photos is a great thing. The iPhone app is even better. I love this app and really feel they did a great job of bringing the website right to your iPhone.

This is a must have if you enjoy Star Wars, Geek, Tech and even Design photos/ideas.



Instagram has come out of nowhere and into the back pocket of one of our other Top 5 Social Media iPhone Apps, Facebook!

Instagram has given us all the ability to make our photos into something more, something different and boy has it caught on. The app is simple, yet awesome. You take a picture, choose your photo filter and save it. And you can share it on Twitter, Facebook and more!

Why didn’t I think of that one. Instagram is a must have if you take lots of pictures on your iDevice. It’s a social network in all senses of the word, just do a Google Images search for Instagram and you will know exactly what I mean.



Flipboard is an amazing product. It brings all of the above into one beautiful magazine like package. Flipboard allows you to add news, social networks, RSS feeds and more into one product to read and catch up on the latest gossip.

Add your news, then your sports, then your social networks and start being social!

Outside of Tweetbot, this is my second most used app on my entire iPhone. On the iPad it’s number one!

So what app are you missing? What app are we missing? Tell us how you use your iPhone to be social!


Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

3 responses to Top 5 Social Media iPhone Apps

  1. Tweetbot is by FAR the most used app on my iPhone, by FAR! For taking and sharing picture though I tend to use Camera+, I use it with twitter and to send pictures directly to my wife, family and friends. Not sure why but I like it much better than Instagram.

  2. I agree with James. One of the least effective apps is Google Plus… it doesn’t allow you to do a lot of things (like update pages).

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