Top 5 Cydia Apps Of All Time

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I am aware of my bold statement but it’s a pretty easy one to make, even with not knowing the future of Jailbreaking and the community behind it all. Will Apple shut down the community? Lock the iOS down so tight that we can’t get back in? I doubt it.

With that out of the way, I want to visit the Top 5 Cydia Apps of All time and discuss a bit on why each of them are the best of the best.

1.Winterboard - This little gem is from the creator of Cydia itself. Jay Freeman has created the best app of all time, in my opinion and this is what it does and why I think that.

Winterboard allows the end user to install new themes on their iDevice. Themes are what you see when interacting with your iDevice and something that some folks complain about the lack of with the standard iPhone and iPads.

With this amazing application installed, the options are unlimited with what you can do. Sites such as Modmyi have come to life due to a community who theme their iPhones and iPads. This was one of the main reasons I began Jailbreaking my iPhone. I had to create themes for it.

From HTC Android themes to Buff centered icons, the possibilities ranges are endless. This is a must have app.

2. SBsettings - SBsettings is why we have backgrounding in iOS today. SBSettings allows an iOS user to end processes, clear memory and have a control panel to turn on and off items in an easy manner. SBSettings is possibly responsible for the way in which we see Notifications in iOS5. With SBSettings you can pull down from the top of the iDevice to launch it.

With these options at your finger tips, you can honestly control your entire device with the drag down on just one finger. Why would you not install this great app.

3. Installous – This pick will be a controversial one for sure. Installous is an app that once installed, allows you to install “cracked” ipsw’s onto your iDevice. For those of you out there that I lost in the last sentence, Installous allows me to install most any app from the Apple app store onto my iDevice without paying for it.

Yes you heard me, free apps for all. Now this is an app that could lend itself to a number of different scenarios and that is something that is left to the end user. When I have my iPad I had Installous installed mainly due to the prices of the iPad apps. I would download apps, use them and decide to either buy or delete. With such a small portion of the developers out there offering a free 24 hour trial or even a light version, this app can help you decide if you want to spend your hard earned cash on a certain app or not.

4. biteSMS - This is a plain and simple need. Unfortunately for us it is now a paid app via Cydia. bite SMS is a fully functional replacement for the iPhone’s standard text messaging app. With a laundry list of features, including the ever popular, reply button, this is a must have. It make’s SMS so much easier on an iPhone and adds functions that all of us want.

5. PDAnet – This little app is one of the main reasons people want to jailbreak their devices. Instead of paying large amounts of cash to AT&T or Verizon for a tethering plan, use this! This allows you to set your iPhone up as a wifi hotspot without paying for it.

In the last few months AT&T has supposedly been cracking down on folks and removing the data plan from their iPhone for use of the paid app of MyWi. PDAnet has a built in package security to hide your data usage so as not to be seen “stealing” from the big man.


So there you have it, the Top 5 Cydia Apps of All Time. Stay tuned to our Jailbreaking FAQ for more goodies as we write them up!

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  1. What I miss most about my jailbreak is the tethering!

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