To Plugin or Not, that should be your question!

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Do you use WordPress? Do you use plugins? Should you?

All valid questions and all points I would love to touch on and help clarify a few things to those of you out there in the WordPress world!

I want to throw out a challenge to you all. STOP using plugins! Now wait before you start throwing things at me, I can help and so can many others.

I am not saying anyone can go without plugins, well I guess you could, but rather minimize the use of plugins on your site. You should not have 20 or 30 plugins on your site and expect them all to work together in harmony.

Let me start by saying this, if a plugin can be coded into the core theme files of WordPress it should not be a plugin. Bookmarks to social sites, twitter updates and more can all be simplified and can help your site to be better at what its supposed to do. You want your site to load faster, smoother and run at peak performance as much as possible. With a large number of plugins, your site cannot accomplish that task.

The more plugins you add, the more sad your site will become. Slow and unhappy is not what you want.

Yes there are plugins that I use, but I only allow a bare minimum of plugins that do a job that is over my head in coding or figuring out.

If you (or someone else) can code it, do not plugin!

So here is what I challenge you with! Look at your site, is it doing what you want it to do? If so, is it crowded? Is it ugly? Is it slow?

Use firebug and yslow or other tools like Pingdoms Tools to see what is loaded when you bring up your website. Start diagnosing what really is going on that no one except your server sees. The reason why minimalistic sites rock so much are due in part to no bells and whistles.

I like to have both and make them work well together!!

If you need help grab me, I love this stuff!!

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

2 responses to To Plugin or Not, that should be your question!

  1. I always have to ask these questions when I am adding new stuff.
    Usually I am pretty aware of my site load time and am even willing to sacrifice a half second for something, but that is about it.

    The hard part is working with clients. I worked with someone the other day to trem away 27 plugins on their site. We got down to 6.
    But load time is huge

    • Yikes 27 is crazy. When working with clients, I always preface the statement of “sure I can do that for you with a plugin” with, BUT “it may make your site slower”. That is also when I say we could host your site on our server and with our CDN. SO it works out in the long run.

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