Hear Me Out: Why The iPad Won’t Be Replaced

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Last week I wrote an article about why Android will fall, short of understanding the argument behind it, this will turn into a like argument.

The iPad won’t be replaced anytime soon. Below are thoughts, opinions, all back by what I believe to be solid foundations to back this argument.

The iPad isn’t moving from it’s top spot for a long time.

Here is why:


The iPad was one of, if not the first device of it’s kind to hit the market. It definitely was the first to do it right.

This is a huge point when it comes to the overall success of Apple’s beloved tablet.

If you are first to the dinner table you get the run of the table, if you are first to the ball you usually will score a goal. Why would it be any different with the iPad?

The Size

This point may also become sizes. Right now, after trying on many a device, the size of the iPad is perfect. This probably plays into point one that it was the first and set the bar with it’s size, it’s body and it’s look.

While many a rumor, and many folks agree they would like smaller, I would argue that the iPad is what it is because of what it is today.

The OS

iOS is arguably the best operating system out there for mobile devices. What seals the deal to make it the best is the Apple App Store. iOS is the operating system to beat on many levels. While Android is Fragmented, iOS is the perfect opposite. Locked down, yet able to be jailbroken. It’s maintained by Apple, but updated often. iOS runs on all devices, as it should. The iPad benefits from iOS in so many ways, and eventually will lead to a touch Macbook Pro of some sort and the extension of MacOS at a ner point in our future.

Apple’s integrated hardware and software solutions leads to our next and final point.

Manufacturing and Design

In an article I wrote a while ago, I discussed Mac vs PC and the argument here holds true here.

Mac OS and Hardware is unbeatable. The sole fact that the OS and the hardware are made by the same folks and come out of the same place make me feel much better than dealing with 3rd party software drivers, hardware drivers, motherboard drivers and all of that crap that comes with setting up PCs and Laptops running Windows.

While specific to a PC versus Mac argument, it hols true in a Mac versus the tablet world argument.

The manufacturing or the device itself along with the software on it gives the end user a seamless experience. It allows for the fluidity of the user interface, the gestures, the touch.

Yes, I am an iPad fan, owner and enthusiast, but I am never one to completely close off the options.

When it comes to the iPad, there are no other options in my eyes.

What do you think, will Android and some third party piece of hardware beat out the iPad? Or will Apple need to make a mistake to fall from it’s throne?

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

One response to Hear Me Out: Why The iPad Won’t Be Replaced

  1. Stuart Dyckhoff May 28, 2012 at 4:53 am

    Shame that you haven’t taken time to address my pro (ish) android comments on your ‘why Android will fail’ post of last week.

    This unfortunately & despite what you say does fall into the “everything Apple is gab the rest isn’t” camp. In terms of sheer functionality and out of the box workiness then in this case I will agree that the iPad has little rivalry.

    But it is very short sighted to point out that because they were first to market they will be the only game in town. Arguably Apple were the first home / business computer to mass market but IBM slammed that into the bin with their dominance in the mid to late 80′s & 90′s before the many other manufacturers popped up.

    To say ‘just because it works’ and doesn’t need drivers, etc ignores the fact that Android devices also just work and don’t require drivers etc. ICS is a credible alternative and yes it has taken its time to get to that but now the OS is there the hardware will start popping up. I’m not convinced that the iPad will continue to reign supreme but then I’m not making my living off of it either so have no vested interest.

    As I said last week – it’s a tool and currently the one that does the job the best…… for now. However I have picked up a 2nd hand Nook Color [sp] for <$80 which I have modded to allow it to be a controller for my DSLR. The day Apple let me do that without hoop jumping will be a revelation.

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