The Amazing Spider-Man

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Right on the heels of the hottest racing app, Gameloft released The Amazing Spider-Man, the official game for the new movie that hits theaters today.

If you’re not familiar with this new storyline Spider-Man must fight the Lizard and his extremist henchmen from wreaking havoc on the city. You know, typical saving the world scenario (or in this case New York City).

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a number of the video game adaptations of the Spidey films. There is something about swinging from rooftops and diving off skyscrapers from the comfort of the couch that provides a vicarious feeling of adrenaline. And then of course there is the shooting webs out of your wrists and flinging bad guys around like fruit flies.


What I liked

  • Basic controls are easy to learn. After a short intro you’re dropped right into NYC. I like being able to launch an app and just start playing.
  • Full 3D map of NYC. Unlike some Spider-Man games where you just swing from mission to mission, Gameloft’s app allows you to explore all of Manhattan in free play.
  • Sharp graphics. Whether your “surfing” behind a speeding car or taking a nosedive off the blimp the details of the city and Spidey have great lighting, color and precision.

What I didn’t like

  • Script. I don’t know if it’s the curse of comic book storylines, but the dialogue of the missions and such are overly cheesy.
  • Combat controls. After awhile fighting bad guys gets repetitive unless you can figure out how to tap the controls in the exact right sequence.
  • Physics. I know the real world physics of Spider-Man might be questionable, but I’m pretty sure his webs can’t attach to clouds.

Overall I think The Amazing Spider-Man is a pretty decent game. It’s easy to learn, but not easy to master. Although for $6.99 it’s a little steep. I would recommend waiting for a sale (maybe on the 4th of July??).

Who is your favorite Marvel character?
Will you be seing The Amazing Spider-Man in theaters? 


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