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This post was a guest post by Michael Perkins on Geek for Him version one. He can be found online at @MichaelDPerkins or on his blog at Untitled. I thought it was spot on and needed to be posted on version two. Enjoy.

A few months back, Ethan (6) spent two weeks in Missouri with my parents.  It was nice for my wife and I to get to hang out like we did when we first got married.  But it was bad too, because we missed him so much.  We must have talked to him nearly every night on the phone.

One evening, Ethan was talking to April on the phone and he asked what I was doing. Before she could answer he said, “I bet daddy is on his phone or on the computer.”

And he was right.  I was on the computer when he called.

Exodus 20:3 says, “You shall have no other gods before me.”

Ouch!  You talk about a reality check.  My 6 year old knew what I had put first in my life.

My homework.
My blog.
My social networking.
My fantasy sports.

I knew I was wrong.  These things are not bad in-of-themselves, but they became bad because I put them first in my life. I had become a technological idolater.

I’ve since set some boundaries and priorities.

I know what comes first.

Have you ever struggled with being a technological idolater?

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13 responses to Technological Idolater

  1. I freelance at home so computers are big time, but I make it a point to turn away from the screen whenever my wife or kids come into the room to talk to me. Even with deadlines looming, they deserve our attention.

    Good reminder bro’

  2. Everyone needs to read this post. Excellent.

  3. Lets just say, I’ve been WoW free for 2 months now :D

  4. Been there man. Really have to watch this, and be careful with it to make sure it does not take up too much of my life. Really have to concentrate on my priorities and tech should not be at the top of the list.
    It should be part of who I am, but not control me!

  5. Oh, yeah, the blogosphere/social media can easily take over my life if I’m not careful. As a SAHM, it’s hard for me because I crave interaction with the “outside world”, and sometimes that is at the expense of my kids. And, it’s also been at the expense of my real world relationships as well. I find that it takes a lot of mental and emotional energy for me to interact online. If I don’t conserve some of that for my family or my face to face interactions, I have nothing to give at the end of the day. Wondering if anyone else struggles with this???

    • That is why my wife got rid of smartphones and even a laptop. She has to make the conscious effort to go sit at the iMac now. Which she doesn’t because she removes herself from the room/kids.

  6. To be honest, I think this was the first post that turned me onto Perk’s blog. Loved it. Gut-check FTW!

  7. I totally know what you mean. For me, it came in the form of a message I heard by John Mulinde from Uganda. But all throughout that week, the Lord kept showing me what was first in my life; boy, talk about humbling.

    Nice post man, and totally one we ALL need to hear.

  8. Great post and I agree with Dustin, this is definitely a gut check.

    I enjoy connecting with people online. fantasy sports, catching up on the news and I too have work to do for school online. However none of that is as important as my family and I need to put guardrails in place to make sure my family comes first.

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