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As I was considering tablets, a huge part of my selection process was screen resolution, apps and comic book accessibility. The app store and tech specs were clearly defined for the iPad but I couldn’t find anything about digital comics. I had digital comics that I was reading on Mac apps, but I couldn’t find much on IOS comic book apps. I assumed that comic books would look incredible on the iPad but I hadn’t physically seen any!!!  It took a lot of time and research to find answers so I have have decided to create a definitive guide to comic books for the iPad.

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Back when the iPhone 4S came out, my iPhone 4 quickly looked sad and old. Despite looking virtually the same on the outside, I knew that the iPhone 4S had some killer insides, an even better camera, and one little software difference that got everyone in a tizzy:


There’s been arguments that Siri is more of a marketing ploy than a productivity tool, but I had a case of Siri envy regardless. So what’s an iPhone 4 owner to do?

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