Sometimes Apps Need Something More

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Have you ever been using an app that you really like, but it’s missing a little feature that would make you swoon?

There are a number of apps that the writers of Geek for i will swear by. Personally, some of my favorites that sit on my home screen are:

However, as I’ve become a bit of a power user of these wonderful apps I’ve noticed some seemingly small tweaks that would make them unstoppable.


I’m a huge Buffer fan and have used it since it was in beta. While I haven’t sprung for the “Go Awesome” upgrade I’m really close. So far Buffer is integrated with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Some people might knock it, but don’t discount Google+. It has it’s different strengths in comparison to other social media platforms and I think Buffer would be wise to integrate with it. This way Buffer can leverage the power of being a one stop shop for users seeking to schedule the content they publish across the primary platforms.


Ever since I discovered Reeder I’ve been an evangelist. The user interface is rich yet minimalist and it smoothly syncs with Google Reader. To me Reeder is flawless on the iPhone, but my only critique is that Reeder for the iPad does not have the option to push sharing on Facebook or Twitter via Buffer (the iPhone app does). Other than that Reeder is legit.


A Twitter client doesn’t get better than this. Gestures, multiple accounts and a beautiful design makes the Geek for i writing staff drool. We LOVE us some Tweetbot. The only tweak I’m looking for is integrating Buffer to enable scheduling RT’s. I honestly can’t think of any other improvements.


I’m actually surprised this feature hasn’t been added to Evernote yet (no, it’s got nothing to do with Buffer). I think that if Evernote enabled the ability to add due dates or schedule reminders in a note that it would be the ultimate GTD application. With web, desktop and beefy iOS apps I can’t think of a better system than Evernote for capturing and organizing content.

Questions: What are your favorite apps? Do you want to change anything about them? Which app above needs the most work?


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2 responses to Sometimes Apps Need Something More

  1. With you on tweetbot. I use Newsify for my reader… free and a great iPhone and iPad app. As far as evernote, it’s my right hand. I use a separate task/project manager, so that side of evernote is good with me. Great list, though!

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