How To Setup Square on Your iPhone

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In our previous post Ditch The Wallet with Square we introduced you to a little piece of hardware and a little piece of software.

If you didn’t know, Square ( is an electronic payment service that allows you to accept credit cards on your iOS device! This is evolutionary in so many ways.

So lets set it up!

This is assumed you’ve already signed up for an account with Square. This is where you can get the card reader as well.If you haven’t done so, you can do this at their website free of charge. Square

First you want to download the Square app from the iOS App Store here.

Once downloaded, press “Sign In” and put your contact information into the fields and press the blue button.

Once you’re there, you’ll see an interface similar to the calculator app.

Pressing in the top left corner gives you personal information and settings shown below. Here you can customize all sorts of settings or percentages to make accepting payments easier for your specific needs.


And you’re good to go!

To actually go through with a transaction with or without the card reader follow these steps:

  • Tap the dollar amount
  • Enter in the amount you wish to receive (Square fees will be taken out of this number so make sure you account for these)
  • Tap description (you can add a photo if that’s easier)
  • Hit “Done” (and the screen changes to the charge screen)
  • Choose cash or to enter in a card number. Finish the instructions for that payment and you’re set!

If at any time you mess up the transaction, just hit “clear” and the app will wipe the page away, not retaining any information. This is one of my personal favorite features of the app.


Once you’ve finished your transaction you’re all set! Enjoy the Square app and remember

Ditch The Wallet!




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  1. I’ve got the Square app and the card reader. Haven’t used it yet myself, but thought it was a very clever way of doing business, so went ahead and got one for free…

    I need to try it one day!

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