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Sent from my iPad is a series in which Moe will be using his iPad as his only machine to provide all his computing needs. Can he survive? Let’s find out!

I remember hearing the pundits say that the iPad is only good for comsumption. That you can’t create real work on it and it’s nothing more than a fancy toy. I put my fist to the desk and say, “How dare they say this?!” Only after calming down did I realize I was using my Macbook Air to read this.

My next reaction was to completely put away both my Mac Mini desktop and Macbook Air and go iPad only for the next 30 days. I’m convinced real work can be done with an iPad and a truly impressive river of apps can be used to get things done.


First, I won’t be using any supplies like external keyboards or fancy cases on the device. The only thing I have is an iPad with a red leather smartcover. I will do all typing all interacting via the onscreen keyboard. Here are the apps that I think I will need to accomplish all my computing needs:

1. Mail, Safari, Calendar, Contacts: Default apps that will let me use my email, appointments, and connections.

2. Things 2: My productivity app of choice. It’s more than a To-do list. This is the beast that keeps me organized. It’s beautiful and effective. I have over 5 projects and countless tasks that I need to accomplish on this app.

3. iA Writer: This is the app that I will use to write. I blog (a lot) and I find this app to be distraction free and perfect for my needs. It’s iCloud compatible and all my writing is available on the cloud.

4. 1Password: All my passwords to all my accounts live here. Can’t live without it.

5. Duck Duck Go: I don’t “Google” like you kids do. I use this app to search the internet.

6. iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers): I don’t use heavy word processing, but when I do, page is the app I go to. Does the job well. Keynote is for presentations and numbers for spreadsheets.

7. JotNot Pro: I’m in the process of going completeley paper-free and I scan everything. I use this app to take a picture of docs and receipts and it uploads it to the cloud.

8: Soulver: Calculator of choice to do bills, math and fancy calculations.

9: Instapaper: When I need to read articles later.

10. Amex app: Best credit card/banking app ever. Very surprised. Amex gets the future. I pay my Card bill through this app. It’s awesome

11. myAT&T: Pay my iPhone bill

12: Snapseed/iPhoto: To process photos I take and share with family and loved ones.

13. Dropbox: Cloud folders for docs I like to keep available.

14. Reeder: for RSS functionality. Reading in this app is a beautiful thing.

15. MoneyWiz: This is the app I use to balance my finances. Syncs through the cloud and it’s a beautiful app. Gotta keep finances in order.

16. Tweetbot/Facebook: Social Media apps that I use. Hate the FB app, but I have nothing else to work with. Tweetbot is gold!

17. WordPress: I use this to post blog entries for both my blogs.

18. Simplenote: Any little notes I take go here. Syncs through the cloud and keeps a record of all my notes.

I believe these apps together with iCloud will allow me to work efficiently without any hiccups. Maybe at the end of 30 days, I’ll sell my Macbook Air and go fully iPad as my portable device. I’ll keep you updated on this experiment!

- Sent from my iPad

QUESTIONS: Have you ever tried an experiment like this? What do you think the future holds for the iPad?


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Moe (Beta Christian) is a New Yorker who enjoys a fine cup of coffee, his Bible and his sexy black iPhone 4 and "new" iPad. He can be reached via the Twitter link below.

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