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We have jobs, wives, children and friends who demand much of our time. With that comes, reports, charts, birthday gifts, phone calls, food shopping and several other things that we must do. To add insult to injury, we live in a culture that spends much of its time running around running tasks and chores.

While we all do our best to tame the beast that is our tasks list, most often they are hardwired into paper or even a homescreen. Wouldn’t it be better to have this app yell at you that you have something to do in specific locations?

I have tried to use the Reminders app on the iPhone (and now OSX Mountain Lion), but I find it to be very inconsistent and very user-unfriendly. Sometimes the app ignores my locations, other times it takes too long to enter a task and it’s frustrating. 

Welcome Checkmark

There’s a new app called Checkmark on the App Store that sends Apple’s Reminders crying to Tim Cook’s bosom. This is the app that Apple should have made.

The app is very simple and it takes 3 taps to set up a location-based task. You first start off by assigning locations where you get your work done. I currently have the following locations set up:

  • Home: things that I need to do at home when I arrive or before I depart
  • Office: Things that I need to do when I arrive or when I leave the office
  • Stop & Shop: Things I need to pick up when I’m driving past the supermarket.
  • Renacer: This is my place of worship. Things I need to do when I arrive or upon my departure.
  • DayCare: Things to do when I arrive to pick up the kids (pay them, remind them of certain matters, etc.)

The app is simple and works very well. You can assign the “nearness” of your location. For example, I can set up my Stop & Shop location to notify me of any task that has to be done there when I get within my desired closeness to the location. In my case, when I’m within 500 feet within the supermarket, any task that needs to be there alerts me of the task. I love to have this control.

Check out some screens below:

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

You can also setup reminders based on arrival and departure and even time-based location tasks. For example, I can setup a reminder that tells me, “Call Mom 25 minutes after arriving Home”. What this does is when I arrive Home, the reminder won’t go off until 25 minutes later, when I’m already settled down at home. Very nice feature.

Even with my concern of a hit on battery life, I have found the app to manage power very well. It takes very little additional power than normal in my test. In fact, I think Apple’s Reminders app draws more juice than this one.

To conclude, I have found this app to be a very useful tool when it comes down to location-based reminders. I highly recommend it.

The app is $2.99 on the App Store. Highly Recommended.


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