Parenting with iDevices

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I’m not a selfish troll so my kids have pretty much free reign with my iDevices as long as they ask first. Which I guess isn’t necessarily “free reign”, but whatever. The basic gist is my kids get to play with my toys. This works out for me because sometimes I want to play with their toys. My son has some pretty cool legos and Nerf guns.

Since we’ve had iPhones for a couple of years and an iPad since last summer I’ve found a number of parenting benefits that aren’t featured in Apple’s ads.


While I do not recommend leaving your child home alone with your iDevice (that’s just not safe for anyone involved) there are situations where a child’s attention needs to be engaged while you are busy. Just this weekend we were at the barber getting my haircut and my kids sat quietly in the waiting area playing with my iPhone. Instead of trying to keep a wandering eye on their rambunctious activity and risking a bad hairdo I was able to trust them to sit and play games or read.


Got a crying or fussy kid, but nap time and the next meal or too far off? Whether you’re just trying to survive a trip to the grocery store or soothe a scraped knee, an ABC game or Grover book on an iDevice can be just the ticket to distract little Suzie and avoid a meltdown.

(NOTE: I’m not suggesting using technology for bribery or giving into a tantrum.)


If you have kids you know the scene. You’re driving and 10 minutes away from your destination the adorable Cheerio-eater in the back seat passes out stone cold. Crap! When you get home you face the dilemma of trying to gently remove them from the child safety harness, carry them inside, deftly place them in bed and successfully leave the room without stepping on a loud toy. iPhone to the rescue! I can’t tell you how many times my daughter has started to nod off and I’ve fended off the Sandman long enough to get home and put her to bed.

How do you use technology in parenting?
Have you ever had a kid meltdown in public? 


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