App Review: Paper. Simply Beautiful.

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Until I started blogging I never really thought of myself as a Creative.

I appreciated creative things like music, photography, and literature, but when I tried to play an instrument, use a camera or write I didn’t feel like a Creative.

Now that I’ve been reading and writing blogs seriously for over a year the idea of what makes a Creative has evolved. Or rather I have discovered their secret.

Creatives do. Dreamers wish they did.

The exciting part for me is when technology and creative expression collide and inspiration is born.

Introducing Paper.

Awakening the inner creative with tools can be daunting. The writer uses the pen as a channel for creative expression. Not as the source of inspiration. Likewise with the pianist or painter.

The “tools of the trade” are vessels for transforming inspiration into tangible art.

Paper blurs the lines in spectacular fashion. The team at FiftyThree not only crafted a beautiful app, but one that enables the user to create beautiful art as well.

Whenever I pick up the iPad I can’t help but open Paper and be inspired by the intuitive controls, minimalist yet balanced design, and range of drawing tools.

The iPad app is free, but only comes with the fountain pen. Each of the remaining instruments are $1.99 or you can buy the whole toolkit for $7.99.


After playing around with the app for a couple of days I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

One feature I especially like is the organization of notebooks. I’ve added one for each of my kids using their photo as the cover so they can have an individual place to create freely.

Paper is the best creative app I’ve seen so far. Highly recommend.

Do you use the iPad creatively?
What are your favorite creative tools?


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11 responses to App Review: Paper. Simply Beautiful.

  1. I love Paper. It has been one of my favorite apps in the last few months. In fact, it has allowed me to start drawing again. During my teen years, I always had a notebook and a pencil/markers with me. I hadn’t touched a pencil in about a decade until Paper came along. now I started drawing again. Love it. Here’s my Tumblr full of Paper drawings:

  2. Nice pictures Moe! I’d love to draw well, of course I don’t have patience to keep practicing which I think is my biggest fault. I may give this try, good idea of making a separate notebook for each kid, my youngest likes to draw/color more than anything else on the iPad.

    Do either of you use a stylus with Paper? If so which ones?

  3. I really like Paper too. I’ve bought 2 of the tools, but not the whole thing. I’ve read a lot of negative stuff about the in app purchase prices… Not a big deal to me. I’d rather pay a little for a quality app. This is definitely one! Great review, KC

    • That’s the downside of this new “app economy”. People refuse to pay for apps and/or in-app purchases. I prefer to pay money to support innovative app development. Free apps are never free. You are either bombarded with ads, or they sell your personal information as data. It’s a business, and nobody should give anything away for free.

      As you said, Paper is a quality app and I (like you) spent money on the tools that make it one of my favorite apps on the iPad.

    • I’m with you & Moe. I don’t mind shelling out the money for a solid app that performs well. Paper was worth it.

  4. I have the app and love it! Very well designed!

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