In my years on the net, I must say I have visited a TON of websites. Most have been average, bordering on horrible, but there are always those out there that stun you with horror!

In a world of millions of websites being built each day, you need to make yours stand out just that much more. Below is a quick list of reasons why folks would leave within 10 seconds or less, and possibly never return.

This is not an exhaustive list, this is not a professional’s opinion, just my own spin on some things I have seen and honestly really don’t like when visiting a website of any kind.

Check out the list below.

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I hope you can tell a difference from the last time you visited G4H. We have updated the site to the ever popular Standard Theme. The guys over at 8bit have created something special to say the least! There are a few reasons on why I decided to go with Standard Theme and I thought I would share them on G4H.

1. Speed – I am very much into website speed. Even on my test box, which is slower and doesn’t have a caching plugin or a CDN setup, this theme flies! This only helps you out, my loving readers, so things are as peppy as they can be!

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Do you use WordPress? Do you use plugins? Should you?

All valid questions and all points I would love to touch on and help clarify a few things to those of you out there in the WordPress world!

I want to throw out a challenge to you all. STOP using plugins! Now wait before you start throwing things at me, I can help and so can many others.

I am not saying anyone can go without plugins, well I guess you could, but rather minimize the use of plugins on your site. You should not have 20 or 30 plugins on your site and expect them all to work together in harmony.

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I am online a lot. The tools in which I navigate the web and my machines are vital to my workflow being the best it can be. I plan on going into a bit of depth around why I use the tools I do. But I also wanted to get your feedback on what you use.

I will start out by saying, I am a Mac.

Starting at a young age, I was the guy who built computers from scratch for friends. Always fiddling with OS’s such as Slackware, Debian, windows and others. The hardware was always a cheaper alternative when I was in high school or even in college than a Mac.

Well times have changed, I have gone through 7 Toshiba laptops in a month (yes a month), 3 HP’s in 3 days and many other sob stories that I won’t bore you all with. It was a long road to a realization that there is something out there that is better.

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I have always wanted to do a top 5 of something on Geek for Him and just never knew on what. Well since I am growing the site traffic wise, and found a super cool article on how, I figured I would write a bit on that.

But before I start, why do you want more traffic? Are you trying to get traffic for advertisers? Are you trying to build a community? Are you just trying to be nice and offer up some wisdom that you think is new or different?

No matter what your goal, the below list can help you out in gaining a bit more traffic.

Below is a very broad sweep of a few possible Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Traffic.

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The last few days I have been away on business learning some pretty awesome stuff in the line of work I do. I will be up front and let you know I hate to fly and am not afraid to admit I don’t like the lack of control I have while in a plane. I just don’t trust planes.

While being bused back and forth from the hotel to the company’s “Google like” complex, I was saddened in an all to familiar way.

The bus we rode on was actually a party limo bus. It was pimped out to high heaven and the seats faced each other instead of front.

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What is a 'web browser'?

Posted by Graham March 15, 2011 with 2 Comments

I have encountered a lot of confusion lately surrounding the topic of web browsers and I want to help.

Simply put – a browser is a software application/program that allows you to view websites. There are many different choices available to you when it comes to browsers. Take a look at this video. It very simply explains the functions a browser performs.

Cool? I hope you have a better understanding of what a web browser is now. Click the links below to download some of the most popular web browsers.






It is important to note that Internet Explorer is only available for windows-based computers, commonly referred to as “PC’s”.

Which Browser Should I Use?

Each browser is a little different and I’m not going to take the time to go over the differences here. I actually use Safari, Chrome & Firefox on my MacBook Pro. If you do not know which browser you are currently using, head on over to What to learn more.

Upgrading Browsers

As web technology continues to evolve, your browsers will evolve right alongside it. These evolutions will be released to you as an upgrade. One of the biggest cases to-date of failure to upgrade a browser is the still large population of people that have yet to upgrade from Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft actually published a page dedicated to “moving the world off Internet Explorer 6″.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you know someone who would benefit from this knowledge feel free to share this page with them!

[Image by: minnix]