Buffer: flex your social media muscle

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With nearly 50,000 tweets between the 3 writers of Geek for i it’s safe to say we’re familiar with the terrain of social media.

As an active user on Twitter it’s easy to fall into the trap of overwhelming followers with a flood of tweets including random thoughts, quotes, Instagram photos and links to solid content.

Wouldn’t it be great to spread out your tweets through the day? Sort of like a buffer so when inspiration strikes or you stumble upon a compelling article you wanted to share with the world you could easily add it to a queue?

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Apple Stores are an amazing feat of retail awesomesauce. They keep popping up around the world while their competitors are closing up shop. Why?

Well, because Apple has the formula for success down. They don’t change much about it and continue to succeed in what they do.

So the now infamous Steve Jobs is not so crazy after his store idea was laughed at years ago huh? Now his idea is modeled after by many retailers around the world.

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iOS6 (1)

Yesterday, Apple released the 4th version of iOS 6 beta to developers.

The most notable change is that Apple removed the native YouTube app.

Cue the confetti!

Personally, I think it’s about time YouTube was booted from iOS. I don’t like using the app and have had it in a “never use” folder along with some other native apps for over a year.

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Last week I was on a poker kick. This week after stewing on the new Superman teaser trailer, I have the Man of Steel on my mind. This week’s iPhone Wallpaper has a simplistic yet very poignant touch to it. A bit of Clark and a but of Superman together in one great design. This iPhone 4 Wallpaper is for you! For you to display proudly that you are a geek! Todays iPhone Wallpaper is brought to us all by the Man of Steel!

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Apps: Programmed for Consumption

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The rate of innovation shows no sign of decreasing. If anything it is exponential. One could argue that the progress of innovation is incremental (depending on the field), but these developments are happening in close succession.

This is never more evident than in the realm of mobile technology. Smartphones and their apps just keep coming. With the capacity of our imagination as the limit there seems to be no end in sight.

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We have jobs, wives, children and friends who demand much of our time. With that comes, reports, charts, birthday gifts, phone calls, food shopping and several other things that we must do. To add insult to injury, we live in a culture that spends much of its time running around running tasks and chores.

While we all do our best to tame the beast that is our tasks list, most often they are hardwired into paper or even a homescreen. Wouldn’t it be better to have this app yell at you that you have something to do in specific locations?

I have tried to use the Reminders app on the iPhone (and now OSX Mountain Lion), but I find it to be very inconsistent and very user-unfriendly. Sometimes the app ignores my locations, other times it takes too long to enter a task and it’s frustrating.  Continue Reading…

How to Vacation with iDevices

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This last week our family was on vacation and it was fabulous. With the exception of 2 brief interruptions from work it was relaxing and fun.

  • No chores to do
  • No emails to reply to
  • No blogs to read/write (gasp!)
  • No deadlines to sweat about

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