Sent From My iPad

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Sent from my iPad is a series in which Moe will be using his iPad as his only machine to provide all his computing needs. Can he survive? Let’s find out!

I remember hearing the pundits say that the iPad is only good for comsumption. That you can’t create real work on it and it’s nothing more than a fancy toy. I put my fist to the desk and say, “How dare they say this?!” Only after calming down did I realize I was using my Macbook Air to read this.

My next reaction was to completely put away both my Mac Mini desktop and Macbook Air and go iPad only for the next 30 days. I’m convinced real work can be done with an iPad and a truly impressive river of apps can be used to get things done.
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Having drooled over Apple products for years before converting to Mac 3 years ago I’ve marveled at their rate of innovation. Apple makes no secret of the fact they cannabalize their own product lines with an annual release of upgraded models or brand new devices entirely. And each time they dominate.

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Technology has become a huge part of our lives, we use it to learn, to occupy ourselves, to over indulge in media and much more.

The younger generation (I include myself in that statement even though I am 35) live and die by being connected, but they also learn by it. The way we all maintain and accept new data into our minds is different from even 6 years ago.

Replacing paper with iDevices, flip phones with iPhones, slow nasty laptops with a new Macbook Air (yes I got one last week!), it all leads to us and our technological learning curves.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the way we live and breathe and learn via technology these days.

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Sometimes Apps Need Something More

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iOS6 (1)

Have you ever been using an app that you really like, but it’s missing a little feature that would make you swoon?

There are a number of apps that the writers of Geek for i will swear by. Personally, some of my favorites that sit on my home screen are:

However, as I’ve become a bit of a power user of these wonderful apps I’ve noticed some seemingly small tweaks that would make them unstoppable.
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No More Nano Watch

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ipod nano

Next month’s Apple event is likely to included some highly anticipated announcements. In addition to the iPhone 5 and the intensely debated iPad mini I think we can expect an update to the iPod product line.

As Apple’s first handheld mobile device, the iPod has the most renditions of any of Apple’s brands, but hasn’t been updated since 2010. Specifically, the iPod nano has undergone a number of design changes since it was introduced in 2005.

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Photo Aug 13, 9 40 29 AM

For most people, the default calculator for the iPhone does what you wanted to do. For me, I look at it and throw up a little bit in my mouth. Since I can’t delete it, I put it in an iOS folder called “Never”. Don’t worry, he won’t get bored since it has plenty of company in Notes, Stocks, Voice Memos, Compass and Reminders. Apps that I never use and rub me the wrong way.

I don’t understand why most calculator apps look like a real calculator. I know we complain much about Apple’s skeuomorphic design in some of the iOS apps (notes, reminders, find my friends), but calculator apps are the worst offenders. We don’t need to “feel” we are using a calculator, I just want to do some math. So spare me the glass looking screen, the calculator buttons and the fake “tape”. Continue Reading…


OK, so most people know that I am a HUGE Omnifocus user on Mac, iPhone and iPad. It has been my go to app of choice for the last year. However, what you didn’t know was that I used to date (scratch) depend on an earlier app called Things. We were in love together and I purchased all their apps (iPhone, iPad, Mac), and I was happy.

After task-management apps started switching to the cloud, Things let go of itself and got too comfortable (like wearing sweatpant around the house) and I broke up with it. I became promiscuous and tried several other solutions (Wunderlist, the Hit List, Remember The Milk, Todo, etc). I thought I was living the life, but I would come home tired, and exhausted after trying so many different apps that I would have a hard time remembering their names. Continue Reading…