How iCloud Helps My Marriage

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I try really hard to be a good husband. Part of that is helping around the house with chores like cleaning the bathrooms and washing the dishes. Trouble is, I don’t always remember to take out the trash.

Enter, Reminders to the rescue.

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UPDATE: Facebook doesn’t stink anymore

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If you’re like me you appreciate a well designed app with an intuitive interface that loads quickly and doesn’t crash. Until last Thursday the unanimous assessment of the Facebook iOS app was grim on all four counts.

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Sent from my iPad: Week 1

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Sent from my iPad is a series in which Moe will be using his iPad as his only machine to provide all his computing needs. Can he survive? Let’s find out!

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated when I opened up my cover of my iPad to start writing for my blogs. I knew that I had to commit fully to using the iPad as my main computer and I already missed my Macbook Air. So, after opening up iA Writer, I got down to the nitty gritty and started writing. Here are a few things that I learned while using my iPad for writing this week:

Typing is a learning game

I committed to use the iPad in its virgin estate, so no external or bluetooth keyboards were allowed. I was a nervous wreck, paying attention to where my fingers belonged and fixing typos over and over again. Then I remembered the “finger tips” pamphlet that Apple use to send inside the box of the iPhone. It said, to start “trusting” the keyboard and just let the system help you. After a while, I just started typing and not worrying about where the letters were and touch typing became easier. I still managed to make some typos but as I kept writing, the software started to recognize words more often. After a week of touch typing, I can type close to 30 words per minute making very few mistakes. It really does take a few days, but once you start doing it, you become so much better at it. Continue Reading…

iOS6 (1)

Over the years there have been a number of technological advances that were intended to make our lives easier. By getting household chores done faster (vacuum, dishwasher, etc) or reaching your destination quicker (cars, trains, etc) you could have more time to do the important things.

However, as flawed humans are inclined to do, instead of taking advantage of these new freedoms to focus on what we value most, we find ourselves busier than ever.

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Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 9.09.33 PM

A couple of months ago the boys over at Macgasm had a piece (found here) about a new type of iPhone case that made me go hmmm. I have always been against cases, but this intrigued me for some reason. They had a color selection of Orange, my favorite, along with a super cool sticky resin exterior.

I was sold!

I had totally forgotten that I have purchased one to giveaway on the site up until it came to my house out of the blue last week. Sitting in it’s pretty simple packe, along with it’s gorgeous Orange, I am excited to be giving this away to one luck fan! Continue Reading…


Last week we had a bit of a secret identity uncover. This week after seeing Superman in simplistic, I have the Man of Steel on my mind. This week’s iPhone Wallpaper has a simplistic yet very poignant touch to it. A bit of Clark and a but of Superman together in one great design. This iPhone 4 Wallpaper is for you! For you to display proudly that you are a geek! Todays iPhone Wallpaper is brought to us all by the doc who is always mad! And he who has very large hands…

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One iDevice Apple Will Never Make

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Apple Event

Being a Mac is awesome. Apple products are easy-to-use, beautifully designed and invoke a sense of wonder. The iPad and iPhone become almost magical when you consider the broad spectrum of apps and what you can do. It’s getting more and more difficult not to say “There’s an app for that.”

With the all-but-officially confirmed Sept 12th Apple event on the horizon the interwebs are buzzing in anticipation of the iPhone 5, iPad mini and other rumors.

However, there is a product I guarantee you won’t ever see Apple develop.
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