Are You Upgrading To The iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 Event Theme Song

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I don’t know of many Apple-loving beats on iTunes, but the one and only TobyMac recently released his new album and “Mac Daddy” should definitely be played at the iPhone 5 Event today.

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Amazon vs Apple: Content Competition

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Last week Amazon announced their refreshed Kindles including a new HD tablet that is closer in size to the iPad. Even as an avid Apple advocate I have to admit that Amazon’s progress with the Kindle Fire product line impressed me

Amazon will never be an iPad killer. Only Apple can do that. However, I’m glad Amazon continues to innovate and invest in the tablet market because competition fosters innovation. The Kindle Fire could not have existed without the iPad and without the iPhone we’d all still be stick with a Motorola RAZR.

One reason I think Amazon even stands a chance of going toe-to-toe with Apple is their content ecosystem.

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It’s an early Saturday morning and I’m working hard at brewing my perfect cup of coffee I glance at my Things app and see that I have some bills to pay and a checkbook to balance. I grab my cup of Joe and head over to my iPad. “It’s time to wave goodbye to my money!”, I say.

Balancing Your Checkbook

I personally use MoneyWiz as my personal financing app of choice. I’ve tried a lot of apps available. In fact, when I look at my apps records, I have tried 6 finance apps which I no longer use. Moneywiz is a good looking app with a sweet syncing system. You can pull reports from your accounts in full-screen, set and monitor budgets and even remind you of upcoming bills. The only downside to it is that you can’t have automatic updates to your account via your bank. You have to import your numbers from your bank or enter the details yourself. I actually prefer it this way as it gives me more control and helps me understand where there is a leak in my budget. Also, the app has a cool little calculator in the lower left side that pops up as you are managing your checkbook. It’s a sweet little gesture that helps when you need to do some quick math. Continue Reading…


Our friend Jonathan (and sponsor) over at came to us the other day with a deal that we could not pass up!

For our beloved readers, you all, we have an chance to win some style for your iPad.

Jonathan is offering up winner’s choice of two pretty sweet iPad cases. As the winner you can pick from either the Denim Portfolio Case (seen above) or the Brief Case. It’s your call, your color, your case.

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Use Drafts to Capture and Share

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This is probably the only Mac fanboy site not writing about the Sept 12th iPhone 5 event today, but there will be plenty of time for that next week. I even blocked out my work calendar to take an early lunch so I could follow along during the announcement.

But I digress.

Have you ever been struck by inspiration, had a sudden urge to share an idea, text a friend or post a random thought on Facebook?

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Reading Into Apple’s iPhone Invitation

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that Apple has sent out their invitations for the unveiling of their next iPhone. Most people looked at the invite and said, “cool” and went on with their lives. I didn’t! I went home and put on my discernment hat on and decided to look deep into the invitation and I think I know exactly what we will see next week.

1. iPhone 5. This is what most people are saying. However, I don’t think this is in fact the real deal. You see, this is not the iPhone 5. There have already been 5 iPhones (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S) and this would make it the 6th iPhone. So this doesn’t make sense to me. However, this is Apple and they don’t often make sense. Continue Reading…