iPhone Wallpapers

Last week we brought you a bit of math for your iPhone 4, this week we grab something a bit more round. If you love green you will love this one.

The iPhone Wallpaper this week brings a bit of a green to your iPhone. I am a fan of green and I love the swirl effect this has all over it.

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Firefox for iPad?

Posted by Brett Barner June 22, 2012 with 1 Comment

When the iPad was first introduced, it was touted as being a great way to receive content. Whether this was from a news source, educational app, game or just from the plain old internet. The iPad has since developed into something both for content consumption and content creation. Yet the main thrust of the iPad is still there: plopping on the couch and surfing the web.

So with a device who’s main goal is browsing online, one’s web browser is a key to the overall experience. While Safari certainly remains a viable option, there have been others to join the marketplace of iPad browser apps (Atomic, Dolphin, Opera mini and Mercury just to name a few).

One glaring omission in the mobile iOS browser space has been Mozilla. To date, their only submission into the iOS app store has been an iPhone tab syncing app. Yet they’ve had Firefox for Android for quite awhile now. Continue Reading…


Okay, I have a confession to make. I haven’t always been a Mac.

Yes, it’s true. I grew up as a PC (GASP!)

My first computer was a bulky white Gateway and since then I’ve used Dells and HPs for college and now at work.

Using PC’s all these years, I’ve gotten pretty proficient at using all the keyboard shortcuts. In fact it’s a personal goal to use the mouse as little as possible.

However, since converting to Mac a few years ago (or “coming to the light”) I’ve had a little difficulty picking up on the keyboard shortcuts. Especially since the Mac Book Pro doesn’t display some of the unique symbols on the illuminated black keys.

As luck would have it, there’s an app for that.

Enter 101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac by my fellow Seattle-ite MacBlend.

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This post comes to us from one of our readers and Twitter followers, Brandon Hall. You can find Brandon online at Brandonhall.com or Tweeting as @brandon_hall81. This case comes from Zenko Leather on Etsy.

I know I am not the only one that faces this dilemma: you have wallet, keys, your iPhone, and at least a few other things to carry around in your pants pocket when you go out. One day, a mutual friend pulled out his iPhone and I noticed that the case was also a wallet. I loved the idea of carrying around two or three of your most important cards and your driver’s license in a case that also safely carries your iPhone.

This friend was using the BookBook iPhone case and it is a very nice looking wallet case that is beautifully crafted, but there was one issue: no opening on the back of the case for the camera – instead, you have to pull up on a tab that pulls the camera up enough to take a picture. As someone with younger kids who takes tons of pictures, that would get really annoying really quickly, so I went out on a quest for another similar product. Continue Reading…


If there’s something cooler than writing about the latest iDevices, apps and iOS updates, its giving away cool accessories or apps to you all!

Today we are announcing the winners to our


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Yesterday afternoon Microsoft (finally) announced it’s entrance into the tablet market with the introduction of the Surface*.

No sooner did the rumor mill start churning with what kind of tablet Microsoft would reveal when one question started dominating tech blogs across the interwebs.

Will this be the iPad killer?

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We have covered iOS 6 since it was released to the developers and boy have we enjoyed it. We have showed you in-depth reviews, hands on and even the little things iOS 6 has to offer, yet there is more to discover.

I thought, with the help of the internet and my iDevices with iOS 6 on it, I would recap what we know and what is so awesome about the supposed “small” update.

The list below is by no means a full list but rather a list of some of the bigger, and smaller things that make the update worth waiting for! Continue Reading…