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This is a guest post by K.C. Procter, you can follow him on Twitter and at his blog!

I got an iPad a few months ago and let me just say it’s awesome.

Do I need it? No.
Do I use it all the time? Absolutely.

Even my kids enjoy playing with it.
Yes, I share my toys.

There is no end of spectacular apps. The iPad can do almost anything. The only limitation is the human imagination.

However, ever since getting the iPad I’ve had some trouble finding a solid note taking app.†Well, last week I found the perfect solution.

Enter Noteshelf.

4 Reasons You Need Noteshelf

There are lots more, but these were some of the best.


My #1 priority for a note app was being able to use a stylus to write notes just like on paper. There are a few other options, but the accuracy of Noteshelf and ease of use puts it a cut above the rest.


I’m partial to graph lines, but buying moleskines can get pretty expensive. Noteshelf has 17 different templates and paper styles available for your writing preferences. The trick is to just pick one and start writing.


This is the 1st half of the brilliance that is Noteshelf. One of my concerns about using a handwriting note app was whether or not my hand would mark up the page I was writing on. Tada! Noteshelf has a nifty little wrist protection button that creates a line so only what you write with the stylus remains.


And of course the 2nd half of the brilliance that is Noteshelf is the ability to export notes to Evernote (or 5 other options). I’ve been an Evernote fan for over a year and use it every day. Being able to sync notes from the iPad to the web is my favorite feature.

I tested out Noteshelf at a 5 hour writing workshop and it passed with flying colors. The best note taking app out there.

Do you use your iPad for taking notes?
What is your favorite productivity app?


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3 responses to Noteshelf iPad App

  1. Thank you for the chance to guest post! Happy Friday!

  2. I might have to check this out!

    As of right now, I’ve been using the native Notes app on my iPad and iPhone to take longer notes, or notes while in church. If I’m using my iPad during a meeting, I use the Pages app and just save it for Word.

    For smaller notes, I use Evernote. It’s amazing!

    • Evernote is probably my favorite app, but for taking notes live during a meeting I have a hard time typing on the keyboard. Noteshelf is the best of both words because you can use the stylus like a pen then sync to Evernote so you can access notes on the computer/web.

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