A Nifty Notification Center Feature You May Have Missed

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Of all the new features introduced to the iPhone & iPad with iOS 5 one of my favorite by far is Notification Center.

No more interruptions while  I’m playing a game or catching up on blogs. The little banner rolls down at the top of the screen to give me a heads up and I’m back to smashing zombies or reading about people being outraged that Facebook bought Instagram.

Besides the banners and swipe down to see all notification features I discovered another one last week. It was a little like finding an Easter egg.

If your mobile iDevice is sleeping and you press the Home button you’ll see the lock screen. If you have Notification Center turned on you’ll see a list of alerts for text messages, Twitter mentions and Draw Something invites.

Let’s say you’re really interested in checking those Twitter mentions because maybe Ashton Kutcher responded to your comment about him being cast to play Steve Jobs in a movie.

In the “old” days you’d have to swipe to unlock your iPhone, navigate to Twitter (or Tweetbot), launch the app and find the mention in question. Now all you have to do is put your finger on the Twitter icon, swipe to the right and presto! you’re magically in Twitter replying to Ashton’s tweet about how wise your cinematic opinion is.

And the same swipe move can be used on any app in Notification Center: Mail, Instagram, Draw Something, Voicemail, etc.

What is your favorite iOS 5 feature? Do you ever find yourself discovering new things your iPhone/iPad can do?


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My name is KC and I LOVE being a husband & dad. I am a Mac fanboy, tentblogger, MBA grad, cubicle dweller and frequent abuser of Twitter & Facebook.

3 responses to A Nifty Notification Center Feature You May Have Missed

  1. Besides iMessage as a whole, this is my favorite addition for sure. I wish it would be added throughout the iOS in other places, but loving the lock screen functionality.

  2. This is a great feature that I use all the time. Love it!

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