VOTE: Name the Next New iPad

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Rumors have been swirling at a feverish level about a 7ish inch iPad coming out “soon”. Bloomberg and WSJ have both confidently predicted it along with countless tech blogs (including Geek for i).

I think Apple would be wise to enter the mini tablet space because it would further increase innovation by competing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. Besides, why let Amazon and Google have all the fun?

While many Mac pundits agree a smaller Apple tablet will have Retina display and other standard iPad features, another big question is the name.

Most sources are calling the as yet unannounced Apple product the “iPad nano” or “iPad mini”, but the form factor is squarely between the iPad an iPod so the name could just as easily include “iPod” or something new entirely.

In the spirit of election year let’s put it to a vote!

What do you think Apple will name the new tablet?

  1. iPad nano
  2. iPad mini
  3. iPod Touch Pro
  4. iSlate
  5. iTablet
  6. Other

Do you think Apple will release a miniature iPad?
What do you think it will cost? Will you buy one?


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One response to VOTE: Name the Next New iPad

  1. Hammerman1993 July 6, 2012 at 10:52 am

    6 (other) – How about “iPaddle”? :)

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