iNnovation: What Will Apple Think of Next?

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Having drooled over Apple products for years before converting to Mac 3 years ago I’ve marveled at their rate of innovation. Apple makes no secret of the fact they cannabalize their own product lines with an annual release of upgraded models or brand new devices entirely. And each time they dominate.

When Apple introduced the iPod it became the gold standard of mobile music storage and playback. Then the iPhone shook the foundations of cellular giants like RIM, Motorola & LG (to name a few). Most recently, the iPad has landed with a thunderous boom, obliterating any semblance of competition in the tablet channel.

All the while Apple has improved the efficiency, power and mobility of it’s computer lineup to continually steal market share from PCs with dramatic flare.

Which leaves me asking one big question:

What will Apple think of next?

There are plenty of rumors and photos of alleged prototypes and parts floating around the Internet, but here are a few concepts that I think Apple should explore.

  1. iCar – this idea was actually championed by Steve Jobs before he passed away and I think if he’d lived on it would have been a reality in the next 5 years. I imagine a Prius-esque exterior design with Retina display quality dashboard, docks for driver and passenger iPod/iPhone, integrated Siri, built-in iPad mounts in the headrests for the kids in the back to play games, read or watch movies. What features would you ad?
  2. iTV – as one of the more rumored Apple products I believe we may even see this beauty by the holidays. Imagine watching Miracle on 34th Street or the Thanksgiving football game on a Retina display flatscreen TV with the capability of the Apple TV built in. What would you watch first?
  3. iCamera – Apple has already proven that smartphones can take stunning photographs. What if Apple took their dedication to quality, design and the user experience and applied it to a DSLR type product? Features could include iPhoto, sharing to social media, and bluetooth transfer to iPad. If Apple partnered with a DSLR manufacturer for developing the hardware would you vote Canon or Nikon?
  4. iCEO – with all of Steve Jobs’s creativity, drive and genius it would be a shame not to develop a iRobot like human cyborg copy of the Mac Daddy for companies to “employ” as their CEO. He could even be connected to the App Store and the Board of Directors could vote on what gets downloaded during each sync. What default “apps” should an iCEO come with?

Apple’s next big event is September 12th and almost everyone expects the iPhone 5, iPad mini, and refreshed iPod line to be announced.

Question: What do you hope Apple releases? Which “innovation” above is your favorite?


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2 responses to iNnovation: What Will Apple Think of Next?

  1. iCar? Nope, not gonna happen. When they introduced iOS6 they discussed how car manufacturers are working with them on integrating Siri controls in autos. They won’t make a car.

    iTV? Nope. Someone owns that name so let’s leave it as Apple TV. This exists already and it’s pretty darn good (Airplay is amazing). Retina won’t happen on a screen bigger than 20 inches. Too darn expensive.

    iCamera? Nope. If iPhones are becoming devices good enough to avoid taking a camera with you, why introduce another device to carry? They tried that (did you know Apple made a camera in the 90s?) and it didn’t work. Leave the SLR to the big boys (Canon, Nikon)

    iCEO? Actually, I think this is a great idea. Not with a robot, but a program to develop leaders who are visionary. Imagine taking a college MBA course on the imagination, process and boldness of becoming a visionary CEO? That would be great. First step: Take some acid!!! :)

    Apple is not in the business of building on existing technologies. They like to create new innovative technologies. All those you mentioned (with exception of robots) exist. Apple’s next innovation will replace one of the existing ones as they like to keep their innovations simple. Don’t expect Apple to become Sony. They do 3 things (iPhone, iPad, Macs) very well (4th if you count TV, though this is just a “hobby”).

    P.S. I put my money on iCloud. Apple’s next innovation is iCloud and people don’t even realize it, even when they use it daily. I bet my grandmother’s red pumps that iCloud will grow to be the next great thing. Why do you think they are buying all this land to create homes for servers. Siri is part of this in addition to a new innovative way of doing cloud differently than what we know today.

  2. i hope they release the iCanaffordthisstuff but i know thats not on their radar

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