Netflix “Just for Kids” Now On Your iPad

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At our house, Netflix is something the kids love and know. The iPad is also that has turned into a learning tool and media consumption iDevice for the kids. While the Netflix app on the iPad is great for the wife and I, the covers on DVDs these days are not children safe by any stretch of the imagination!

Finding true kid appropriate content on any device, TV Channel or movie these days comes with lots of looking around. Well Netflix is trying to fix that! Enter Netflix “Just for Kids”. The button in the upper left corner is all we need!

This new update to the already great app has truly captured my kids and I’s attention. The ease of use, the appropriate shows given as options (minus SpongeBob) allows me to relax knowing that they can only find what is age appropriate.

Check out the quick demo video they put together of the app update below. Update your Netflix app now!

Besides the age appropriate content, the simple navigation, and streaming movies to keep your kids quiet after a long day, it’s FREE as always!

Make sure you grab the Netflix app, now with “Just for Kids” now!

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One response to Netflix “Just for Kids” Now On Your iPad

  1. That’s the only way we let the kids watch TV, love the just for kids feature. I have’t played with the new iPad version of Netflix but if I remember right to get out of the kids feature all you had to do was press that little button again. I wish that were password protected so they couldn’t easily get back into the “regular” netflix and see my “The Walking Dead” addiction. I’m so ashamed.

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