My iPhone Does Magic Tricks

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I’m not talking about pick a card, slight of hand style magic either. This is David Copperfield type stuff. Like making an elephant disappear sort of thing.

I used Redbox for the first time this weekend and the experience blew me away. Maybe I’m easily entertained, but it was so cool.

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I downloaded the app, logged in, let the app find the nearest kiosk, previewed the available movie selection, picked and paid for Hugo (family movie night), drove a few blocks to the kiosk and BAM! the DVD was reserved and waiting for me.

I located, previewed, paid for and reserved a movie all from my iPhone. Cool.

Redbox also sent a clean, detailed confirmation email AND a free rental code for being a first time customer.

Nice job Redbox. I will definitely be back.

Have you ever been wowed by an app before?
What is the best customer service experience you’ve ever had?

You can pickup the Redbox app for free here.


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4 responses to My iPhone Does Magic Tricks

  1. I am thoroughly impressed with their app and service.

  2. We love redbox! The redbox app comes in handy when you want a popular new movie. Making sure one is reserved for you so that you don’t have to find out it’s been sold out on your way home. :)

  3. We use redbox all the time, especially with their text club free offers each month. You can find offers on the web too but even without the free movies redbox is great! The app just makes it so much easier. Cold or rainy? Just fire up the app in the parking lot, find your movie, reserve it, take a few short steps out of the car and pick it up in a fraction of the time it takes to find it on the actual kiosk. Great way to save time and money!

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