Why the Microsoft Surface Tablet is a Good Thing for Apple

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Yesterday afternoon Microsoft (finally) announced it’s entrance into the tablet market with the introduction of the Surface*.

No sooner did the rumor mill start churning with what kind of tablet Microsoft would reveal when one question started dominating tech blogs across the interwebs.

Will this be the iPad killer?

To which I answer

No. And please stop asking.

The iPad will never be “killed” by anyone other than Apple, and why should it be? It works, it’s sleek, sexy and innovative. Why are people obsessed with it’s demise?

Apple and Microsoft are like Coke and Pepsi. Chevy and Ford. The proverbial head and tail of the same coin. Ying and yang if you will. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

And when it boils down to it people use what they like and what is easy to use or understand.

I’m a Mac. My wife is a PC. We are happily married.

Microsoft’s announcement of the Surface is actually good for Apple for one simple reason:

Competition breeds innovation.

Whether your innovative approach is cannibalistic, late entry or somewhere in between, competition leads to better products.

Do you remember the original Motorola RAZR? I hated that phone because it seemed like it was the only option. Every carrier had it in a variety of colors and that was it. Then Apple came out of nowhere with the iPhone and turned the mobile device market upside down.

We have Apple to thank for reinventing smartphones and taking the tablet to a whole new echelon.

As Microsoft and other manufacturers use their resources to build on Apple’s innovation I can only imagine the mind-blowing products that will be released in the next few years.

What do think of the Surface introduction?
Where do you think the tablet market will go from here? 

*It is worth noting that Microsoft transferred the name Surface from it’s line of touchscreen coffee tables, which are now called PixelSense.


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6 responses to Why the Microsoft Surface Tablet is a Good Thing for Apple

  1. I didn’t even know a bout the launch until reading your article K.C. haha. So much for a killer, a killer that wasn’t advertised well!

  2. Actually, I wouldn’t brush off MS like I would Android. MS is a powerful brand and they have proven to be very patient and throw lots of cash behind their products. I think the tablet is nice, but clearly there’s a lot of “we learned from Apple” in this.

    With that said, it can’t hold a candle to a Retina display, I’m not bullish on that stupid cassette tape looking door (stand?). They keyboard case is clearly another learned thing from Apple and they added a keyboard, which is actually kind of nice.

    The biggest drawback is the lack of availability and the price.

    Like Matt said, we haven’t heard anything of it yet, but you can be sure that MS will market the hell out of this thing. Especially when they are only selling it online and on MS stores.

    One more thing. This is a clear slap in the face to Dell, HP, Lenovo and all other partners of MS. If you are one of them, how can you compete? MS finally found that in order to succeed in this field, you have to make your own hardware and software.

    Good for MS, good for Apple, good for competition.

    * Oh, and I think MS announced this before it wanted to. Rumor has it that Google has been working on its own tablet running Android which is introducing next week at its IO conference and if MS didn’t do this, all the attention would be on that tablet in addition to Apple’s iPad. A lot of desperation in MS, very defensive and aggresive. But you have to be, if you have any intention of surviving the post-pc era.

    • Even if 1 million people download it, the Apple bashers, it still won’t compete with the iPad. I give it as long as the Playbook has lasted.

      It doesn’t have the AppStore. I call 4 years max.

      • I disagree. When MS releases Windows 8 to the masses, people will be forced to upgrade (even if it takes 4 yrs to get there). When MS has them, why not introduce this machine (especially the intel ones) when the suits would be the perfect market for it.

        I do think people will replace laptops with these instead of adding to PC numbers. However, we all know that if you only cater to the suits, you’ll lose. Apple has proven this to be a consumer market (ask RIM).

        MS cannot fail in this. Not this time. If they do, they won’t exist in a decade.

        If you ask me, Google will be the company who’s most likely to be irrelevant in a decade. They have made an enemy of everyone. They have no friends. At least MS still has partners and friends (even Apple if you go the patent route).

  3. Yep, I think it will ultimately depend on the price. It looks like a great product that meets or beats the iPad, and during these tough economic times, Apple loyalists may not be so loyal. Will be interesting to see what Google comes out with.

    • I would disagree, and argue that anyone who has an iPad won’t spend money on another product that fits the same niche in their lives. If this offers something different, possibly, but from what I have read, its for media consumption.

      Most competitors are late to the game and that is why iPad is so far ahead of folks right now.

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