Difference With Mac vs. PC People

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I’ve blogged on this topic before. The Mac vs. PC debate. I have shared that I used to be a PC; I’ve built them, supported an office of them, even recommended them to friends. In 2009 that all changed. According to this infographic, I started acting my age, became a liberal, developed the pressing need to make my own mark on society, started throwing more parties, became interested in design, and became an early adopter of tech. Honestly… all of that is correct. Although some of it was true when I was a PC. As I was reading through this graphic however, I truly did start to feel like my personality resonates more with the Mac column.

As you read this, I want you to forget about the kind of computer you’re reading it on and just think about what column you seem to fit into. Share with me in the comments.

[HT Eric Dye]

6 responses to Difference With Mac vs. PC People

  1. Matthew Snider May 13, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Mac all the way baby!

  2. i’m a pc user but planning to buy mac (i don’t know why). maybe the reason is listed above

  3. Graham! I found this post while I was Googling (something along the lines of) “Microsoft Office PC vs. Mac”! Interesting that I would find your blog, among the thousands of Google pages– and on the front page, too!

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