Mac or PC?

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Who are you? No I don’t mean your name, but your identity when it comes to technology.

Are you a fanboy? Do you scour the web for all things Apple? All things Windows? This little discussion point is exactly that. One that begs the question of Why?

Why do you use a windows machine over a Mac? Vice Versa? What do you need one or the other?

So.. lay it on the line for me, my perfect readers. Which do you prefer? Mac or PC. Why?

I get to start!

As most of you know by now I use a Macbook Pro for absolutely everything. I would have it no other way! Here is a little excerpt from a pervious post I did about the tools I use online.

Mac OS and Hardware is unbeatable. The sole fact that the OS and the hardware are made by the same folks and come out of the same place make me feel much better than dealing with 3rd party software drivers, hardware drivers, motherboard drivers and all of that crap that comes with setting up PCs and Laptops running Windows.

For the last few years, my family has been solely Mac and will be so until my kids are old enough to purchase their own machines.

So as a Mac guy I run lots of the same stuff you all do running windows. Just on a better OS and hardware!

My point above is just that, my point. I am not here to say Apple rules the world of even say I am a fanboy. I am just a fan that has been through too many horror stories with driver issues, hardware problems, windoze issues to ever go back.

The only reason I even use a windows machine currently is for work (my day job).

So what say you? Why are you using what you use? Could you be talked out of what you currently use to flip sides?

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

37 responses to Mac or PC?

  1. I use both. My personal laptop is a pc. And my office computer is an iMac. I really like both for different reasons.

  2. Well…I learned on a Mac classic and now (many) years later use both at work…but I do prefer a Windows machine (they’re both technically PC, personal computer) simply because I can fix a Windows machine faster than I can a Mac. Both have annoyances and strengths for sure, I guess I’m a transdenominationist when it comes down to it.

  3. I am a Mac!

    I purchased my first Mac, a MacBook Pro, just before the new year. My brother has been a Mac user for years. He has told me I needed to make the switch, and that I would not regret it. So I saved for months. I could not be more pleased with my purchase, and man was my brother right. The ease of use, the OS, the clean look, loving the apps, and the multi-touch pad is great. it all is something I now love. The money spent was well worth it! I dread going to work and having to work on a PC :(

  4. I like them both.

    I use a PC at work – I it is a beast! The Alienware Area51 ALX. I use it for 3D rendering and modeling – here is a vid I made of it when I first got it: – we have to use PC’s at work because the industry standard software is PC only -well actually they JUST came out with a Mac version of one of the key software we use, but not the other.

    I use a MacBook Pro 13″ (2010) as my personal machine. I use BootCamp and Parallels so I can use my work software when I need to. It is definitely *not* the fastest notebook I’ve ever owned, but the quality of the build is incredible.

    The other night I got my first ever malware infection (in 21 years of computing) on the windows partition and had to reformat it. Since I hardly use that partition I neglected to install adequate safeguards, and I got burned.

    Overall, I like them both. Right now the Mac seems to be more “safe” from threats, but that has nothing to do with the OS – when these deviants who makes malware figure out how security-lax Mac owners are, and the userbase grows enough, I’d dare to guarantee we’ll see more malware on the Mac.

  5. My laptop and my work computer are both PCs. I think Vista gave PCs a really bad reputation, because Windows 7 certainly makes up for it.

    I don’t mind Macs though. ;)

    • I do hear what you are saying about vista, but even XP sucks by and large. I have heard good things about 7 but it’s more hardware for me anyway. My biggest complaint is the hardware. Every laptop I tried over the holidays was cheap and terribly made. Two HPs had bad keyboards, one kept blue-screaning on me when I installed Photoshop and finally the Asus was just plain cheap.

  6. I’m a PC. I had a 12″ iBook in college that was great, but I am not a fan of Apple’s forced obsolescence policy. I have a Gateway FX (7805-u) that I scored for $800 as my primary computer (laptop) and I let my wife use my Desktop (which needs upgraded now).

    I really have no preference. Apple’s design aesthetic is fantastic! I love their hardware packaging abilities. But when it comes down to bottom dollar, I will always go Windows machine. They will always be more bank for the buck. And Windows 7 really is a fantastic OS.

    Though, to add fuel to the fire, I did by my wife an iPad for our 6th anniversary in March.

    It all boils down to this: If it does what I need it to, it works for me!

    • I would assume most folks have your exact feeling. Windows machines are cheaper, BUT will never outlast a comparable Mac. It just doesn’t ever happen.

      Thanks for swinging by T Jay. I miss my iPad btw!

  7. Mac all the way. When I have to use Windows (at work), I get all stabby.


  8. -Do you know the difference between a Mac user and a terrorist?

    -Sometimes you can negotiate with a terrorist.

    I use a PC at work and a PC laptop at home. I honestly haven’t had issues with PC’s. Perhaps I am an outlier in that way. I am a creature of convenience and it is convenient for me to stay with a PC. I know I’d love a Mac, but the only thing I’m saving up for right now is more diapers.

    • Hahaha I love it. I can get pretty heated in debate about the two BUT I always speak of my experiences which may not be that of someone else.

      For my Windows machines have been nothing but cheap attempts at something that could not be reached. As for the Mac, it’s been perfect since our first purchase of one.

      And I hear ya man, we are stock piling Diapers for our third. Diapers are damned expensive!

  9. I prefer Mac to PC every day of the week. I’m thankful my new job provided with me with a Mac, so I get to use one 24/7 (home and work). Preferences? I like the intuativeness, stability, and design. :)

  10. Bobby Jernamson April 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    I use my mac for everything internet (and uh, 17 years with 0 malware issues), but I also run a PC ( so I can run more programs & games) … there is no comparison when it comes to the user experience … the Mac OS is a very clean bean … run a (very) occasional permissions scan … & you’ve got your cool runnings on the permanent basis … etc. [PC's are so cheap, why not have one in your stable? But, Macs only, on the internet ... and as far as malware is concerned the MacOs is much more transparent, so ... infections could much more easily be identi ... etc.]

  11. I got my first macbook pro around 3 months ago and will never look back. I like windows pc’s but the design, simplicity, and operation of the mac is second to none. Now I just need an iPad. :)

  12. Ahem…well, I wouldn’t want to bash either because, let’s face it, both have their departments of interest. For example, PC’s rule the document/business world, and in contrast, Mac’s pretty much rule the media/techy world. They both rule their own worlds because, for one, they are both better at doing their job in their own world, and two, because if one did all of that, they would have a monopoly! So, it’s unlikely AND illegal.

    As for me? I like both. However, I work only with PC’s, therefore I like PC’s. I’m sure I could get used to a Mac, but the basic truth is that I am comfortable with my PC because I built it (so I know it), and because for what I do (business as well as graphics), it is more compatible. Whew. That was long.


  13. I was a PC my whole life until January 2010 when I converted to Mac.

    And I ain’t NEVER going back!
    It’s easy, it works, it’s sleek, sexy, smooth AND boots up lightening quick!

    I still work on a PC and every day when I turn it on/off I’m reminded why Macs RULE!

  14. I have a PC. I would love a Mac. I wouldn’t need to be talked into it. I just need someone to gift it to me. That is all that it would take-simple as that!

  15. I don’t and never have understood the mac v pc “fight”.

    I’ve been fixing computers for 27yrs. I started on the original IBM PC but it wasn’t too long after that I was fixing Apple IIe’s. Forward another year (I think) and I was fixing multi-user systems running some variant of *nix or other esoteric OS.

    So whenever I’ve been pulled to one side and asked “what’s the best computer for X” my answer has always been the same … what platform do you know best?

    If Mac – then go with that.
    If PC or *nix or OS2 or … well you get the idea.

    The point is. Use what you like and more importantly what you can afford.

    And now, please, lets start killing all Mac v PC debates :)

  16. I used Mac from the Mac II until the Quadra 900. Then it was Windows for many years with a bit of dabbling in various flavors of Linux.

    I went back to Mac a couple years ago because of Accordance. The Unix environment kind of sweetened the deal.

    I started with a Windows 7 dual boot because I thought I might need or miss Windows, but that wasn’t the case.

  17. It’s really a hassle, that’s for sure. VMWare Fusion gave me an alternative, more convenient way to access to Windows 7, but I still couldn’t be bothered. ;)

  18. Macbook pro all the way, but I think it’s time to get some more RAM.

  19. I’m a PC person, primarily for gaming, though I rarely game anymore. For anything non-gaming, I prefer Ubuntu.

    I don’t see what people have against dealing with multiple manufacturers and drivers… I build my own PCs, so I get precisely what I want, without being limited to one particular over-priced manufacturer.

    Now, however, I sold my desktop as I was moving into a space without room for one, then my wife broke my other laptop, so I had to give her my better HP laptop for her school work. Now, I’m running almost exclusively on a Cr-48 Chromebook.

    My dad just gave me a Fujitsu Lifebook tablet to play with, but the battery life is horrible on it, and since I have no internet where I live outside of the Chromebook’s 3G (we’re on satellite, and went over our bandwidth -.- No broadband available there yet), the Lifebook is basically a glorified notepad for me right now, lol. I want one of the newer HP or Lenovo tablet PCs though. I’ll probably just end up sticking with Android tablets and using the Cr-48 for writing work until I can afford the setup I want, though :/

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