101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac (GIVEAWAY)

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Okay, I have a confession to make. I haven’t always been a Mac.

Yes, it’s true. I grew up as a PC (GASP!)

My first computer was a bulky white Gateway and since then I’ve used Dells and HPs for college and now at work.

Using PC’s all these years, I’ve gotten pretty proficient at using all the keyboard shortcuts. In fact it’s a personal goal to use the mouse as little as possible.

However, since converting to Mac a few years ago (or “coming to the light”) I’ve had a little difficulty picking up on the keyboard shortcuts. Especially since the Mac Book Pro doesn’t display some of the unique symbols on the illuminated black keys.

As luck would have it, there’s an app for that.

Enter 101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac by my fellow Seattle-ite MacBlend.

101_shortcutsThis little app is a great tool for the Mac newbie or veteran power user. With shortcuts for everything from minimizing windows, opening files, taking screenshots, and rotating photos, it was well worth my $0.99.

101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac is easy and intuitive to use. One feature I particularly like is “Take the Quiz!”

I’m an avid reader and love to learn new things, but if I don’t immediately apply it then it doesn’t stick. For example I can count to 10 in German and that’s all.

The “Take the Quiz!” feature allows me to stay fresh on the shortcuts I’ve learned.

What is the keyboard shortcut to hide the dock?

Option + command + D

Additionally, the shortcuts are broken into 4 parts so you don’t have to scroll thru all 101 to find the one you need.

In future releases of the app I’d like to see these two updates:

  • Sort by application/topic
  • Tap or swipe left/right to see next flashcard (instead of scrolling)

But WAIT!! There’s MORE!!

MacBlend has given Geek for i 5 FREE promo codes for our wonderful readers!

All you’ve gotta do is:

  • Tweet a link to this post and share it in the comments
  • Answer the question below

Each entry will be placed into a random number generator and the winners will be chosen at noon this Friday (Seattle time).

If you could ask a genie for one Apple device, what would you wish for?


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My name is KC and I LOVE being a husband & dad. I am a Mac fanboy, tentblogger, MBA grad, cubicle dweller and frequent abuser of Twitter & Facebook.

8 responses to 101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac (GIVEAWAY)

  1. I’d just ask for the most expensive device…so probably the most upgraded macbook pro available…then i’d trade it in for a couple of macbook Airs or maybe one plus an ipad or ipod or something…basically I’d look for a multiple wishes loophole :)

  2. I would wish that Apple make a multitouch, oleophobic retina Unicorn. That’s gotta be beautiful man! :)

    Right now, I wish there was a Retina Display Macbook Air. I would buy it in a heartbeat. (and I will see mine to you for $45.00 :)

  3. brianfalexander June 21, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    The iPad 3.

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