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I am a productivity nut! I basically live and die on GTD (Getting Things Done) together with my calendar and Omnifocus (my productivity app of choice). It’s the only way I can keep control of my busy life. My biggest challenge was trying to use my iPhone for more than playing Angry Birds and sharing photos via Instagram.

“Do or Do Not, There is No Try” — Jedi Master Yoda

One of the foundations of productivity is getting organized based on actions (doing). If I put “milk” in my to-do list, I look at it, and even though I know I have to pick up milk, there is no “action” that tells my brain “DO”. It always helps to associate a task with a verb.

iphone wallpapers hal

Last week we brought you a very colorful iPhone Wallpaper, more of a grid for your icons to sit nicely on. This week after watching The Avengers again, I thought we could add a bit of Super Hero flare. Hal Jordan, being the pimp that he is, is worthy of gracing many an iPhone. This iPhone 4 Wallpaper is a beauty. A mix of art, comic and nature.

Who is your favorite comic book character? Are you excited about the upcoming Dark Knight film?

Add it to your iPhone and enjoy! Continue Reading…


Last week we brought you a green iPhone Wallpaper, and not green like the Hulk. This week is a bit late due to a power outage at my place, no power for the weekend truly sucks!

The iPhone Wallpaper this week brings a bit of a tiling back to your iPhone. It reminds me a bit of Cubert come to think of it.

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Apple’s money making iPhone, which launched just over five years ago, has been the mobile phone to beat. And it’s obvious from the numbers!

Being one of the top in a niche market is a very good spot for Apple to be in, namely due to the cash flow that comes in from it.

Based on a report filed by Strategy Analytics and pulled from AppleInsider, Apple has shipped over 250 million iPhones cumulatively around the world. All of that shipping has generated over 150 billion dollars in revenue for Apple. Continue Reading…


Yesterday, Apple, released their attempt at a Podcasts app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The Podcasts app features a “Top Stations” guide for content discovery, playback syncing between different iOS devices, the ability to stream shows, and more.

Not long ago we got great feedback on our Downcast App Review, a very popular podcast tool. While we love Downcast, this app is made well and looks great so far!

Check out the details below on what the app includes. For a free app I believe this could take down Downcast! Continue Reading…

iPhone Wallpapers

Last week we brought you a bit of math for your iPhone 4, this week we grab something a bit more round. If you love green you will love this one.

The iPhone Wallpaper this week brings a bit of a green to your iPhone. I am a fan of green and I love the swirl effect this has all over it.

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This post comes to us from one of our readers and Twitter followers, Brandon Hall. You can find Brandon online at or Tweeting as @brandon_hall81. This case comes from Zenko Leather on Etsy.

I know I am not the only one that faces this dilemma: you have wallet, keys, your iPhone, and at least a few other things to carry around in your pants pocket when you go out. One day, a mutual friend pulled out his iPhone and I noticed that the case was also a wallet. I loved the idea of carrying around two or three of your most important cards and your driver’s license in a case that also safely carries your iPhone.

This friend was using the BookBook iPhone case and it is a very nice looking wallet case that is beautifully crafted, but there was one issue: no opening on the back of the case for the camera – instead, you have to pull up on a tab that pulls the camera up enough to take a picture. As someone with younger kids who takes tons of pictures, that would get really annoying really quickly, so I went out on a quest for another similar product. Continue Reading…