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As I write this post on my iPad 2 I sit here pondering if I should ever upgrade to a 3, or wait for the 4. The dreaded technological upgrade hell we have to deal with is killing us all!

I honestly don’t think I will upgrade for a while as I am no longer the owner of the iPad 2 but rather my wife and kids. They use the device about 95% of the time now a days. I have wondered though, what am I really missing.

A better screen, a faster processor, eh that is always the upgrade. It’s the same look and it fits inside my same old cases. Eh. Continue Reading…


iPad keyboards and cases aren’t anything new, but a new product being promoted on the site Kickstarter is starting to attract a lot of attention for its unique design and construction. Called Brydge, it’s a specially designed iPad keyboard/case that transforms your iPad into a laptop-like device capable of performing many of the same functions that a regular laptop does.

Created by the development team of Brad, Eddie and Sam, Brydge is made from aerospace-grade aluminum that has been machined and anodized so that it matches the look and feel of the iPad. When the two are joined together they appear to be two parts of the same device, seamlessly combining style with functionality.

The Brydge plus iPad is about the size and weight of a MacBook Air. The Brydge is designed to work with iPad2 and iPad3, but not the iPad 1, because the back is curved in a way that differs from the current iPads. Continue Reading…


Last week I wrote an article about why Android will fall, short of understanding the argument behind it, this will turn into a like argument.

The iPad won’t be replaced anytime soon. Below are thoughts, opinions, all back by what I believe to be solid foundations to back this argument.

The iPad isn’t moving from it’s top spot for a long time.

Here is why: Continue Reading…


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The rumor mill is buzzing this week with “confirmed” sources claiming an iPad nano is in the works for this fall.

With the exception of the 7″ screen the mini iPad will presumably have the same specs as the new iPad that released this spring.

  • Same camera
  • Same processor
  • Retina display

You get the picture.

While some people have decried the idea of Apple producing an iPad nano, I like the smaller form factor for 3 reasons.
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Here at Geek for i, we are in love with our iDevices. We want to keep them looking pretty but without hiding all of the work that Apple has done in their manufacturing and design.

With that said, we have given away and reviewed a chunk of some pretty awesome iPad cases. There are hundreds of cases, there are different styles and even thousands of color choices. Does it have a camera hole? Does it have a built in stand?

The options are limitless, but we wanted to cover what we thought were some of the best handmade cases out there.

Hit the jump for our list of the Top 5 Handmade iPad Cases. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Etsy!

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With each generation of the iPad and the prolific creation apps the iPad can do almost anything. Or can it?

One question I see being explored more and more is:

Can I replace my laptop with an iPad?

With apps for everything from email and to-do lists to games and photography it doesn’t seem like too far a stretch.

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The more and more I used my device, I find it drains the battery more and more – go figure right!

As I was sitting on my comfortable couch last night, laptop on the lap, with the iPad and my iPhone all plugged into the wall or Macbook Pro, I asked myself this question.

How often do you charge your iDevice? Or better yet, How often do you use your iDevice?

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