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It’s an early Saturday morning and I’m working hard at brewing my perfect cup of coffee I glance at my Things app and see that I have some bills to pay and a checkbook to balance. I grab my cup of Joe and head over to my iPad. “It’s time to wave goodbye to my money!”, I say.

Balancing Your Checkbook

I personally use MoneyWiz as my personal financing app of choice. I’ve tried a lot of apps available. In fact, when I look at my apps records, I have tried 6 finance apps which I no longer use. Moneywiz is a good looking app with a sweet syncing system. You can pull reports from your accounts in full-screen, set and monitor budgets and even remind you of upcoming bills. The only downside to it is that you can’t have automatic updates to your account via your bank. You have to import your numbers from your bank or enter the details yourself. I actually prefer it this way as it gives me more control and helps me understand where there is a leak in my budget. Also, the app has a cool little calculator in the lower left side that pops up as you are managing your checkbook. It’s a sweet little gesture that helps when you need to do some quick math. Continue Reading…


Sent from my iPad is a series in which Moe will be using his iPad as his only machine to provide all his computing needs. Can he survive? Let’s find out!

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated when I opened up my cover of my iPad to start writing for my blogs. I knew that I had to commit fully to using the iPad as my main computer and I already missed my Macbook Air. So, after opening up iA Writer, I got down to the nitty gritty and started writing. Here are a few things that I learned while using my iPad for writing this week:

Typing is a learning game

I committed to use the iPad in its virgin estate, so no external or bluetooth keyboards were allowed. I was a nervous wreck, paying attention to where my fingers belonged and fixing typos over and over again. Then I remembered the “finger tips” pamphlet that Apple use to send inside the box of the iPhone. It said, to start “trusting” the keyboard and just let the system help you. After a while, I just started typing and not worrying about where the letters were and touch typing became easier. I still managed to make some typos but as I kept writing, the software started to recognize words more often. After a week of touch typing, I can type close to 30 words per minute making very few mistakes. It really does take a few days, but once you start doing it, you become so much better at it. Continue Reading…

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and only that, it is backed by my thoughts and opinions and nothing more. I do not claim to know anything more than the annoyingly popular rumors out there.

There have been a lot of rumors lately surrounding the iPad Mini and honestly I don’t care at all. I think it’s a waste of Apple’s time to build such an intermediate iDevice for such a small amount of folks (namely the cheap folks out there not willing to pay for quality). The reasoning in most folks mind is the price point and the competition, if you can call it that, from the Nexus and the Kindle Fire. This is not competition folks.

Tim Cook said it yesterday: Speaking of competing tablets as a whole, he said that he and Apple have “yet to see any of them gain what I would call anything like traction” and that customers are “looking for an iPad” rather than simply a tablet. Continue Reading…


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Rumors have been swirling at a feverish level about a 7ish inch iPad coming out “soon”. Bloomberg and WSJ have both confidently predicted it along with countless tech blogs (including Geek for i).

I think Apple would be wise to enter the mini tablet space because it would further increase innovation by competing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. Besides, why let Amazon and Google have all the fun?

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Rumors of the infamous 7-inch iPad mini have been lurking in the interwebs since the launch of the first iPad. With the addition of hopeful (not even close) competitors of the Amazon Fire and the Surface, the rumors always point to Apple blowing the smaller tablets out of the water also.

This makes sense when you think long and hard about it. The business model would bring in my users (more money), due to the simple fact that if it is smaller, it will be cheaper, thus more affordable for folks who went with an Android device (sorry!) because they couldn’t or wouldn’t afford the iPad.

Now Bloomberg is making the rumors a bit more palpable with their latest report in which they say, it is indeed coming, and sooner than you think! Continue Reading…

When the iPad was first introduced, it was touted as being a great way to receive content. Whether this was from a news source, educational app, game or just from the plain old internet. The iPad has since developed into something both for content consumption and content creation. Yet the main thrust of the iPad is still there: plopping on the couch and surfing the web.

So with a device who’s main goal is browsing online, one’s web browser is a key to the overall experience. While Safari certainly remains a viable option, there have been others to join the marketplace of iPad browser apps (Atomic, Dolphin, Opera mini and Mercury just to name a few).

One glaring omission in the mobile iOS browser space has been Mozilla. To date, their only submission into the iOS app store has been an iPhone tab syncing app. Yet they’ve had Firefox for Android for quite awhile now. Continue Reading…


As I was considering tablets, a huge part of my selection process was screen resolution, apps and comic book accessibility. The app store and tech specs were clearly defined for the iPad but I couldn’t find anything about digital comics. I had digital comics that I was reading on Mac apps, but I couldn’t find much on IOS comic book apps. I assumed that comic books would look incredible on the iPad but I hadn’t physically seen any!!!  It took a lot of time and research to find answers so I have have decided to create a definitive guide to comic books for the iPad.

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