3 Reasons the iPad nano is a good idea

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The rumor mill is buzzing this week with “confirmed” sources claiming an iPad nano is in the works for this fall.

With the exception of the 7″ screen the mini iPad will presumably have the same specs as the new iPad that released this spring.

  • Same camera
  • Same processor
  • Retina display

You get the picture.

While some people have decried the idea of Apple producing an iPad nano, I like the smaller form factor for 3 reasons.

1. Increased Portability

With the current iPad being slightly smaller than a standard magazine it’s portability is limited. You either have to carry it around like a notepad (which can get awkward) or have some kind of case or bag (which adds bulk and weight).

A 7″ iPad provides increased portability and convenience for daily use. Especially for active users who are using it on the go. Like me.

2. Bridges the Gap

I’ve often found myself wishing that I had a bigger screen than the iPhone, but a smaller screen than the iPad for consuming content. Whether that’s watching a movie on the bus, reading on my lunch break or playing a video game. My eyes feel strained after using the iPhone for extended periods and the iPad can get heavy rather quickly.

The iPhone is too small for consuming content en masse while the iPad can be too large for reading books or blogs in small pieces. An iPad nano would bridge the gap and provide a happy medium.

3. Split Keyboard

Have you tried using the split keyboard on the iPad? I think it was a great feature to add, but find it cumbersome to use with my thumbs in either portrait or landscape mode. Contrast that with the iPhone and I almost always type in landscape because I have big hands. However, the downside is that only a small strip of screen is available to review what I’m writing.

On a 7″ screen I imagine it would be much easier to type quickly (and accurately) on a split keyboard while maximizing screen real estate.

Do you think an iPad nano is a good/bad idea? Why?
Would an iPad nano be a death blow to the Kindle Fire?


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2 responses to 3 Reasons the iPad nano is a good idea

  1. i’d buy it. i have to. ;)

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