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I’ve been holding out for almost a year on purchasing an iPad because I wanted to see what the iPad 2 would improve on and it seems they’ve up’ed the ante significantly for 2011! I don’t need to list all the features again here on my blog because I’m sure you’ve all read them by now. If not… click here or just watch the video below.

I’m going to be getting a black iPad 2 with 3G service via Verizon Wireless with a 32gig hard drive. I think I would feel too nervous with just a 16gig local drive. I’m pretty pumped about adding this device to my arsenal of Apple products, listed below.

  • 24′ iMac – on my desk at work (owned by my church)
  • 15′ MacBook Pro – personal computer which I bring back and forth between the office and my house
  • Latest Generation of Apple TV – at home

I’m thinking I might be able to leave my MacBook Pro at home more often and just use the iMac and the iPad at work. Portability FTW! My cell phone is an Android based Droid X on Verizon. I think I’ll keep that around for awhile.

I want to hear from you! Do you own an original iPad or have you been waiting for iPad 2 like I have? Are you going to get iPad 2?

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  1. Nice. I am going to buy one too. Although I am nervous about the 16gb as well. I’m going to go to with a wifi one though.

    • I would love to save the money and just get a WiFi one… but I’m afraid I will need the portability too often on trips and such. Not excited about another monthly bill though. I’ll likely only use it on certain months.

  2. I honestly would tell you both to wait for the 3rd one. I have read on almost every large site that they will have a new and much better version by Christmas time.

    Also 16gig is much more than you need in my opinion. I had very large games, movies for the kids etc and my 16gig was plenty.

    • Hmm… definitely a tough decision. I feel like I’ve waited so long, know what I mean? If they do come out with an iPad 3 or iPad 2.5 or whatever around Christmas, I’m thinking I will still buy the iPad 2 and then I could give it to a family member that doesn’t have one yet if/when I upgrade.

      Good to hear you think 16gig is enough space. I think with a PogoPlug creating personal cloud storage space for me… I should be able to get away with a 16gig. I’m still debating 16 or 32.

      Thanks for the insight Matthew. I’ll definitely take all that into consideration.

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