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With our earlier piece today about the leaked iPhone 5 images, comes another wave of rumors surrounding Apple’s lates iOS installment, iOS6.

iOS6 is something we here at Geekfori are super excited about and even joined Apple’s developer account to grab the beta versions early.

BGR has broke the story on one of the cool new apps that Apple is supposedly coming out with, 3D maps. The Google Maps app, one of the least used on my phone, has been rumored to be replaced by an in house Apple app.

Seems like Google isn’t doing so well lately and should stick to the ad game! Continue Reading…

Facebook Four

Along with an IPO in the last couple of weeks Facebook semi-quietly launched two more apps for the iPhone. With enough apps to fill a row on the iPhone, this four pronged approach reminds me of the Three Musketeers and the original Facebook app is the odd man out.

Although, I think Facebook was smart to create an app portfolio to highlight primary features.

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apple superman

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Mac-Man!

As a fan of most comic book movies (The Avengers was incredible) I sometimes wonder:

If an Apple fanboy was a superhero, who would he be?

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Rovio, the company behind the annoyingly popular physcis game, Angry Birds, has racked in over 700 million downloads.

That equates to a whole lot of money coming out of every possible orifice!

With the majority of the Top 25 apps being games, it comes as no surprise that gaming brings in big bucks on iOS or any mobile platform.

I have always wanted to get my hands wet in making an app for the beloved iPhone, and always come back to gaming ideas. Why, well as you will see below, it is how most developers make their money. Continue Reading…


The ever popular boys and girls over at Joystiq have dropped the gorgeous bomb of Infinity Blade: Dungeons on our heads And I must say I love it already! The game is setup in the same world we explored in Infinity Blade I and II.

While a bit repetitive, Epic has delivered what I suggest to be the “gamechanger” of games to iOS. Infinity Blade stretches the engine of Unreal 3 into a form that is a must even for the casual gamer in us all.

The possibilities, even more so now, with Dungeons can only point to a huge mobile gaming platform explosion!

Want a sneak peak? I thought you might! Continue Reading…


Back when the iPhone 4S came out, my iPhone 4 quickly looked sad and old. Despite looking virtually the same on the outside, I knew that the iPhone 4S had some killer insides, an even better camera, and one little software difference that got everyone in a tizzy:


There’s been arguments that Siri is more of a marketing ploy than a productivity tool, but I had a case of Siri envy regardless. So what’s an iPhone 4 owner to do?

Enter Evi. Continue Reading…


It looks like Google is working on a Chrome iOS browser for the iPhone and possibly even our beloved iPad, according to an obscure Research Note.

If, as we assume, GOOG successfully introduces its Chrome browser for iOS devices, it could significantly benefit Google’s strategic and operational mobile positioning.

While this is a rumor, and a backed up one at that, it is still just a rumor. Never mind the fact that it may not even make it through the App Store approval process, nor be worth actually using. Continue Reading…