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upgrade to iOS 6

Apple announced yesterday, it’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 6. Make sure to check out our Hands on of iOS 6.

The web is buzzing, the Twittersphere is dropping hashtags everywhere, and Geekfori has upgraded to iOS 6 to give you a behind the scenes look at Apple’s latest iOS.

We wanted to make sure everyone knew what was required and how to actually upgrade before we gave you all a preview. Have you installed a beta before? Continue Reading…


With WWDC only hours away, the rumors around getting better, the anticipation is mounting, and I am sure whomever is at WWDC and paid the absorbent amount of csh fo rentrance feels it all!

The amazing design and ideas that are brought into this iOS concept is really great stuff. Apple, are you listening? Grab this guy now! We need iOS7 to be this sexy!

iOS6 is right around the corner and it seems that we aren’t really expected to receive anything note worthy. Apple’s iOS will remain largely unchanged from its iOS5. BUT…well watch the video, it’s so sexy! Continue Reading…


Apple kicks off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year on Monday. The rumors wheels are churning and there’s speculation in the air. What’s going to be announced? What’s going to be revealed? As always, it’ll be a time of interest and disappointment. Some rumors will be right, some will be oh so wrong, and some reveals will come out of nowhere. Most definitely iOS 6 will be revealed, but what will that all entail?

Will there be Facebook integration? Will the iPhone have a larger screen and an uglier back plate? Will Apple dump Google in their maps? Siri on the iPad? New Macs? The release of Mountain Lion?

So if Tim Cook sat down with you for lunch and asked what you’d like to see from Apple on Monday, what would you recommend?

Better Siri? More iCloud integration? Or maybe a totally new Apple product like a waffle maker, the iWaffle?

Let’s discuss!


Siri is the latest technology for those of you loyal iPhone users who have upgraded to the 4S (S supposedly for Siri).

She is a great companion, a great talker, but does she listen well? Does she tell you what you want to hear?

As seen by many a video (funniest SIri video ever!), Siri does have here issues as most of us do, but do Siri really work?

Apple has returned fire with an onslaught of videos featuring Hollywood Stars and Siri. While the commericals look and sound great, does Siri really work?

Check out the infographic below and let’s find out! Continue Reading…


9to5Mac has a mock up of what the rumored Facebook Integration within iOS6 may look like.

Facebook is the well known ever changing Social Media network for you to stalk your ex girlfriends and your high school sweethearts on. Facebook integration was the obvious next step within iOS, but I won’t be using it at all.

Being a Twitter user I don’t even use the integration of Twitter within iOS, so I am not seeing myself even remembering Facebook integration was added in iOS6.

Continue Reading…


This may be more of a PSA than an actual tips article, but sometimes we get so ingrained in our own system of doing things, we forget that there are better ways out there.

1. Remember that Spotlight Exists

Remember that extra dark screen when you swipe beyond the left of the home screen? Yeah, that’s Spotlight. Because iOS is so app focused, it is easy to forget not to jump to that particular app to start your search. For example, when I’m looking for a contact, I unlock the phone, then run to the contacts or phone app, then search. However, I often forget that I can just go to the Spotlight page and search. The great thing about Spotlight is that it searches more than just contacts; which brings me to…

2. Configure Spotlight for Optimal Search

To get to the configuration screen for Spotlight, go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search. From there, you can begin your customization. From this screen, you can see what all Spotlight searches when you start typing. By default, every option is enabled, but you can make things more efficient by disabling those you don’t use like Voice Memos, Audiobooks, or Podcasts. You can also move the selections around to organize how the results will list. Continue Reading…


As I was considering tablets, a huge part of my selection process was screen resolution, apps and comic book accessibility. The app store and tech specs were clearly defined for the iPad but I couldn’t find anything about digital comics. I had digital comics that I was reading on Mac apps, but I couldn’t find much on IOS comic book apps. I assumed that comic books would look incredible on the iPad but I hadn’t physically seen any!!!  It took a lot of time and research to find answers so I have have decided to create a definitive guide to comic books for the iPad.

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