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In case you didn’t read any news in the last few days, iOS 6 beta 2 was released.

As with many of the sequential updates to iOS, iOS 6 beta 2 was a OTA (over the air) update. This is one of the cool and ingenious ways to roll out new software to any mobile iDevice.

While the process is an easy one, the notification sucks. There is no flagging you or the iDevice if there is an update to your software; not yet!

With that said, we put together a quick “how-to” on upgrading OTA. Continue Reading…


We have covered iOS 6 since it was released to the developers and boy have we enjoyed it. We have showed you in-depth reviews, hands on and even the little things iOS 6 has to offer, yet there is more to discover.

I thought, with the help of the internet and my iDevices with iOS 6 on it, I would recap what we know and what is so awesome about the supposed “small” update.

The list below is by no means a full list but rather a list of some of the bigger, and smaller things that make the update worth waiting for! Continue Reading…


Those who were looking for a major overhaul on Apple’s latest mobile operating system were left dissappointed on Monday when iOS 6 looked an aweful lot like the same. Granted there are some really nice changes in Apple’s 1st beta, and I’m sure we’ll see even more changes before it officially kicks off into the big dance of public release. But really there was nothing of major change like when iOS 5 brought a new notification function. Multitasking is still its awkward and screen real estate wasting self. No widgets. No Palm-esk card switching. Design-wise, they didn’t do any major overhauls but for a few apps.

But iOS 6 isn’t about major redesign. It was about Siri, Maps and connections. But iOS 6 does have a lot of little changes – little tweaks here and there with the goal of making it an overall better experience.

You already know about the majors things, and maybe you’re already goofing around with iOS 6 yourself. I just wanted to share some of the little things I noticed with iOS 6: Continue Reading…


Everyone is clamoring for the latest news on iOS 6 and which iDevice works with it and which doesn’t. Well the good folks over at Macrumors put together a great little grid on what is and what isn’t support per iDevice.

iOS 6 has brought some amazing features to our already pretty darn awesome mobile operating system from Apple. Facebook integration for the old folks and stalkers, Tweeting from the notification center for us young hip people, Facetime over 3G for the grandparents and much more.

But that doesn’t mean it will all work on your iDevice. Hit up the grid below to see what you can and can’t do when iOS 6 hits. Continue Reading…


During the WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple, along with every major Apple tech blog, made the world aware of iOS 6. There were Map updates, Facebook integration, and Siri can do a lot more, just to name a few.

What they failed to mention, is when the fun really starts.

Hundreds of changes have been recorded already and we wanted to give you a bit more of what we have found playing around with iOS 6.

Below is a list, and it’s just that, a list, that will change with each beta we see from Apple. Continue Reading…


Apple unveiled iOS 6 at WWDC Monday and a number of key features were outlined that will see their final release with the iPhone 5 in September. Many of these features have been hinted at before, but of the more than 200 updates made with iOS 6 the most interesting are the new Maps app, Facebook integration and changes to web browsing; all of which seem to have been designed to hit Google where it hurts.

No More Google Maps

Firstly is the decision to drop Google Maps in favour of a new Apple designed Maps app. Apple Maps will include 3D buildings in many major cities, turn by turn navigation and voice controls provided by Siri. The app will also be able to crowdsource traffic data from iOS users providing it with an edge over Google’s navigation services. For many years Google Maps has been one of the company’s key services with very little in the way of competition – and the decision by Apple to replace it with Maps will deprive Google with one of its main methods of interacting with iOS users. Continue Reading…

iOS 6

With the release of iOS 6, Geekfori had to get our hands on the beta. We have some big plans for you readers here at Geekfori. An eBook is in the works around this latest upgrade to our beloved iOS.

After figuring out our UDID’s, downloading the ipsw’s from Apple’s overloaded servers, and restoring our iDevices, boy do we have a treat for you.

Below you can find all of our favorite new features and more from iOS 6. Are you ready to see some pretty sweet upgrades? Continue Reading…