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If you’re like me you appreciate a well designed app with an intuitive interface that loads quickly and doesn’t crash. Until last Thursday the unanimous assessment of the Facebook iOS app was grim on all four counts.

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iOS6 (1)

Have you ever been using an app that you really like, but it’s missing a little feature that would make you swoon?

There are a number of apps that the writers of Geek for i will swear by. Personally, some of my favorites that sit on my home screen are:

However, as I’ve become a bit of a power user of these wonderful apps I’ve noticed some seemingly small tweaks that would make them unstoppable.
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In another world I am a movie reviewer. I am on the press list and I get the amazing benefit of seeing moves like The Dark Knight Rises prior to the public. Check out The Dark Knight Rises movie review I put up this morning for the film, it is definitely worth seeing!

The Dark Knight did not only rise on the big screen though, he is trying to do his best to rise up on your iOS device also!

Gameloft released The Dark Knight Rises iOS game yesterday in a universal iOS app that hit the U.S. store for $6.99. As withthe movie, the app is already killing in terms of downloads and at that price, I am sure is making Gameloft pretty pleased with their efforts. Continue Reading…

iOS6 (1)

Yesterday, Apple seeded it’s latest update of iOS beta to registered developers as an over-the-air update.

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Gaming on the iOS platform is awesome. While there are a few duds a number of games are extremely addictive. Two at the top of the list are:

While both of these top ranking games feature poultry no feathered creatures were harmed in the writing of this post.

The developers behind these winged gems, Rovio and Andreas Illiger, have new apps launching today!!

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PayPal has been around a long time and is a popular transaction service for eBay users, freelancers and even small businesses. When Square launched awhile ago the concept of mobile payment via smartphone was reinvented (if not truly introduced for the first time). Square has enjoyed a large corner of the market (pun intended), but PayPal wasn’t satisfied to sit idly by.

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Chrome for iOS hit the AppStore yesterday and I have been using it ever since!

I must admit that I am a Chrome user, a user who had used FireFox since the days of version 1. Chrome has it’s up and downs, but overall it’s less bloated and much faster than the other browsers around. When I heard it was coming to iOS, I was excited but didn’t want to get my hopes up till I tried it.

Well I have tried it, and I love it!

It runs faster, loads faster and overall is much cleaner looking than Safari. It has replaced Safari on both my iPad and iPhone! Continue Reading…