iOS 5 – What Newsstand is All About

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If you’ve got a beta version of iOS 5, you’ve no doubt noticed a new app called Newsstand. Newsstand is a native app that comes with iOS 5. For us beta users it really doesn’t work yet. It won’t work properly until the official release of iOS 5 which we’re guessing will come with an app store update to accommodate an iTunes subscription based environment. Below you’ll find some more detailed information about what we know for sure about the app.

#1 Complaint

The #1 complaint I hear around the interwebs from iOS 5 beta users is that they can’t tuck away Newsstand in an app folder. The reason for this is because Newsstand is, in and of itself, a folder. Take a look at the screenshot here. When you touch the app it behaves just like a folder does. Apple decided to take what they already built, iOS folders, and put it on steroids. Steroids that allow it to link to the app store and add presumably more magazine subscriptions than the maximum 12 apps in a folder.

How It’ll Work

I expect that when you download a magazine or newspaper from the future update to the app store, it will automatically appear and download within Newsstand. I suspect this to work in the same way Kindle books are loaded. You’ll notice the look and feel of Newsstand is similar to the iBooks app. I expect it to work in the same way. Newsstand will also have the ability to let you view your content while offline after you’ve downloaded it. This is useful for people traveling on airplanes without WiFi and for those with a WiFi only iPad that aren’t near a signal.


In all fairness to Apple, they are trying something new with this. They are going to be releasing more and more subscription based applications through the app store and this is a simple solution to the where-do -we-put-them question. If you’re subscribed to a digital newspaper such as Time you’ll be able to see the latest issues in Newsstand.

I’m excited about this app and I think it is a great solution.

What are your thoughts? Will you use Newsstand?

24 responses to iOS 5 – What Newsstand is All About

  1. I can honestly say I have never used it and it makes me mad I cannot delete it from the phone OR put it in a folder.

  2. Honestly, I’m not a big magazine reader, and I know I will never download a magazine. I’m sure others will, but that’s just me. That being said, I feel like the Newstand app is going to be an annoying ad to buy magazines on my homescreen that I will not be able to bury in a folder somewhere.

  3. U could always use a CydiA tweak that will hide the icons…

    I always hide weather stocks and compass simply cuz I don’t want it cluttered with bs I never use.

  4. I have ios 5 but newsstand won’t work and I also go to settings general software update but it keeps giving me errors,please help

    • It doesn’t work for us either yet. We expect to have to wait for the official iOS 5 release on the 12th.

      • Oh so when you guys go to software update it gives you errors and in newsstand,you cant press’s store, I also can’t get wifi sync to work on my windows

        • That is correct. Even though we now have iOS 5 GM … Apple hasn’t enabled all of their iCloud servers and the apps that come with the new version yet. 2 more days…

  5. I just bought my IPad 2, and the website shows that Newsstand is a built-in app. I don’t see it on my screen along with the other icons that are built in. I don’t understand this. I bought a couple of magazines yesterday just to see what would happen & they each appeared on my screen as an icon. Can anyone please explain this “built-in app” that I don’t seem to have?


  6. Just tried it for the first time today… went for the “Free” Popular Science only to find that the “app” is free and not the content.. okay fair enough.. then I found I couldn’t purchase it on 3G, it only works on a WiFi network. Usually when I’m in the mood for a magazine I’m stranded somewhere without WiFi, so for me it doesn’t really fill any need.

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