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Do You Have Your iPhone 5 Yet?


Unless you live under a very big rock in the Badlands of South Dakota you probably heard about Apple’s iPhone 5 event yesterday.

Yet again, Apple did not disappoint.

First things first, you can pre-order the iPhone 16GB version for $199 starting Friday, September 14th. Or you can wait in line with other Mac fanatics on September 21st and try to battle crazed consumers for this beautiful device at your local Apple Store.

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I don’t know of many Apple-loving beats on iTunes, but the one and only TobyMac recently released his new album and “Mac Daddy” should definitely be played at the iPhone 5 Event today.

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Last week Amazon announced their refreshed Kindles including a new HD tablet that is closer in size to the iPad. Even as an avid Apple advocate I have to admit that Amazon’s progress with the Kindle Fire product line impressed me

Amazon will never be an iPad killer. Only Apple can do that. However, I’m glad Amazon continues to innovate and invest in the tablet market because competition fosters innovation. The Kindle Fire could not have existed without the iPad and without the iPhone we’d all still be stick with a Motorola RAZR.

One reason I think Amazon even stands a chance of going toe-to-toe with Apple is their content ecosystem.

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This is probably the only Mac fanboy site not writing about the Sept 12th iPhone 5 event today, but there will be plenty of time for that next week. I even blocked out my work calendar to take an early lunch so I could follow along during the announcement.

But I digress.

Have you ever been struck by inspiration, had a sudden urge to share an idea, text a friend or post a random thought on Facebook?

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I try really hard to be a good husband. Part of that is helping around the house with chores like cleaning the bathrooms and washing the dishes. Trouble is, I don’t always remember to take out the trash.

Enter, Reminders to the rescue.

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iOS6 (1)

Over the years there have been a number of technological advances that were intended to make our lives easier. By getting household chores done faster (vacuum, dishwasher, etc) or reaching your destination quicker (cars, trains, etc) you could have more time to do the important things.

However, as flawed humans are inclined to do, instead of taking advantage of these new freedoms to focus on what we value most, we find ourselves busier than ever.

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