A Crazy Weekend in the Jailbreak Community: Guide to Jailbreaking with Absinthe 2.0.2.

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Early Friday morning, live from Hack in the Box Conference 2012 in Amsterdam, Pod2g and members of the Chronic Dev Team demonstrated their new gift to world, Absinthe 2.0. Absinthe is the release of an Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1. If you’re like me, a devoted jailbreaker, you’ve been waiting patiently to upgrade to iOS 5.1/5.1.1 for some time now. Well, I’m very happy to announce to our G4i readers that your iDevice has been liberated.

The many weeks of hard work from Pod2g and the Dev Team are evident in all aspects of this release. Absinthe 2.0 in itself is the best jailbreak tool to date – an all-in-one piece of software that injects the necessary files into your iPhone allowing you to reap the endless benefits of an Unethered Jailbreak.

[UPDATED] Apple released a stealth version of iOS 5.1.1 for GSM iPhone 4 on Saturday. No one seems to know for certain what this build fixed. However, the Dev Team has already pushed out Absinthe 2.0.2. This version covers the new iOS build, along with some other stability fixes to the Absinthe software.

Absinthe 2.0.2 covers the majority of devices with the only exception being Apple TV 3.

Compatibility List:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad (3rd gen)
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 1
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • Apple TV 2G

How To Jailbreak Using Absinthe 2.0.2

Before you begin:

  • Please note: It’s always a good idea to backup your iDevice before performing any jailbreak.
  • If you have an iPhone that relies on software unlock, DO NOT UPGRADE to 5.1.1 via iTunes and do not continue with Absinthe. You will lose your unlock and your baseband will be upgraded. Wait for the Dev Team to update Redsn0w where you will be able to create a custom IPSW preserving your unlock.

Step 1: Download Absinthe 2.0.2 (Links Below)

Step 2: Unzip the file and place it in a convenient location.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch Absinthe 2.0.2

Step 4: Wait a moment while Absinthe recognizes your iPhone. Once your phone is displayed in the software window, click “Jailbreak”.

Step 5: Once completed, your phone will return to the lock screen. Cydia has been installed and you’re iPhone is untethered.

That’s it! It really is that simple. Absinthe 2.0.2 is the easiest jailbreak utility to date. Stay plugged into twitter and Geek For I, as we bring you more news from a crazy weekend in the jailbreak world.

- M@

Matt White


In my teen years, leading into college, I absolutely despised anything with an Apple logo on it. I was a to-the-grave PC snob! I converted when someone convinced me to buy the first iPhone in 2007 and unlock it for T-Mobile. Unlocking my phone kickstarted a love for jailbreaking, modifying and tweaking the iPhone. It's become a hobby that I'll always keep up with.... The possibilities are endless. By the way, I go by, M@

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