Why iDevices Save Trees and Kill Paper

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Living in the Seattle area almost guarantees that I’m inclined to be more “green” than the average American. I’m sort of an accidental environmentalist. With recycle and yard waste bins twice the size of the trash can it’s hard not to comply. Resistance is futile and recycling is cool.

Even Apple cares about the environment. One unexpected benefit of getting my iPad was a reduced carbon footprint.

There are 2 products that I used to consume in mass quantity that have been almost completely replaced by using the iPad on a regular basis.

  1. Notepads
  2. Magazines

At work I used to tear through a stack of yellow notepads in a month, scribbling notes and to-do lists to my heart’s content. With the iPad and apps like Noteshelf I can still doodle and organize endlessly while adding the ability to share online and store in the cloud.

I’m also subscribed to a number of magazines on business, technology and fitness. After discovering that 75% of these publications had dedicated iOS apps or were available via Newsstand, I was able to recycle 20 lbs of magazines that had accumulated over just 4 months. Now I can download the latest issue in moments and enjoy all the content on the go without worrying about wrinkled pages or those pesky advertisement postcards.

Some of the note and magazine apps still need some work, but overall the experience has been positive and it sure beats hauling around 5 different magazines or a tattered notepad.

What “tools” has an iDevice replaced in your day?
What magazine(s) do you read most? Have you tried the app? 


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