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[This is part of the Weekly Thoughts blog series.]

A little background is needed for this week’s weekly thoughts. Allyson and I took a road trip from our home in Naperville, IL to Moorhead, MN where my sister Margot lives. We stopped in Bloomington, MN on our way up to sleep at my aunt and uncle’s house. On our way back home we were going to spend the night in Bloomington again but detoured and spent the night at my aunt and uncle’s lake cabin up near Emily, MN. It was beautiful! There are pictures along with more about our trip here. Below is our route.

  • Road trips are therapeutic
  • Having Allyson in the car with me makes the drive go faster
  • My sister is a good host
  • It should be warmer at this time of year
  • They have the same songs on the radio in Moorhead, MN as they do in Chicagoland
  • Cat’s really do get a kick out of this
  • The wood chipper from the movie Fargo is a celebrity in Fargo, ND.
  • The majority of people in Middle Minnesota wear one of two shirts; “name of their lake shirt” or “the same picture of a deer multiple times shirt”
  • Falling asleep feet from a peaceful lake is so… peaceful
  • Truck weigh stations are always closed
  • Allyson and I really needed that vacation!

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I am on a mission. A mission to find a more targeted focus for my blogging efforts. I felt like my “churchy” tagline was holding me back. Un-knowingly I was letting it define who I was as a blogger, and more importantly a person.

Non-Churchy Tagline

I have changed my blog’s tagline from “Church Media & Communications” to “Understanding Technology”. First I want to tell you why I moved away from the “churchy” tagline. As I looked back on my content over the past year I noticed the majority of it was not directly related to the church. Specifically to the areas of church media and church communications. Even though those are the topics I spend 40+ hours a week focusing on at work, for whatever reason, it has not translated to the content on this blog. I know that I am okay with that and I feel like dropping my “churchy” tagline was long overdue. For the longest time I have felt like working at a church has defined who I am as a person when that is simply not the case. First and foremost I am Graham Brenna. I have other interests besides what goes on inside the walls of my church. While I love my church and what goes on inside it’s walls very much, it does not define who I am. I’ve decided this is a perfectly healthy and normal realization to come to. That our jobs or careers do not define us.

Understanding Technology

After careful consideration I chose this as my blog’s new tagline. I realized most, if not all the content on is related to technology in some way and I wanted my tagline to represent this. “Understanding Technology” is important to me because I really do feel that overall, the advances in technology have, overall, been an asset to humanity. Technological advances have given us the ability to cure diseases, travel farther-faster, connect with others more intimately, and learn more about those things which make us curious. For me, those are the most significant benefits of technology and I welcome technological advances which help me to do those things better. Much of the content on my blog is meant to help my readers understand technology in a way they hadn’t before. I cover a wide range of topics, however I am working on focusing much of my content around blog series under Tentblogger’s guidance.

I am very excited to free my blog from the “churchy” tagline. It was unknowingly defining this blog. More importantly I was letting it define myself as a person.

I had put myself in a box.

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I’ve decided to start a new blog series here on my blog called Weekly Thoughts. I have already posted the first post of this series and I hope to post many more. My goal for this series is simply to chronicle my thoughts. I want to be able to go back in time and see what my mood was and what I was up to at certain parts of my life. Posts in this series may range in style. Some will simply be bullet point lists of quick observations while others may be in short essay form… more focused around a specific event.

I’m not exactly sure what I will learn with this series but I urge you to join me in it. If you have a blog, I encourage you to do something similar. I know a few of the blogs I follow have done something similar. If you don’t have a blog, that’s okay! I guarantee this will be a fun personal exercise for you.

Weekly Thoughts:

[This is part of the Weekly Thoughts blog series.]

  • Getting a house ready to sell is hard work
  • Fitting more furniture than normal into a 750sq ft apartment is messy
  • Laundry never ends
  • Few people take time to troubleshoot
  • Too many meetings last week
  • This workspace is cool
  • Finding time to do what you love shouldn’t be this difficult
  • I imagine dogs in the morning are similar to what kids will be like
  • I’ve never needed a vacation as much as I do right now
  • Don’t be everything to everybody, sometimes letting it fail is the best strategy
  • Morning breath is gross
  • Coffee is a wonderful invention
  • Finding your passport under the passenger seat is a really good feeling
  • Computers should do what you tell them to do, not what they want to do #Vista
  • Getting more voices behind your ideas is a good strategy

Thanks… I just had to get that out there. Next week’s thoughts will be much more positive.

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I’ve blogged on this topic before. The Mac vs. PC debate. I have shared that I used to be a PC; I’ve built them, supported an office of them, even recommended them to friends. In 2009 that all changed. According to this infographic, I started acting my age, became a liberal, developed the pressing need to make my own mark on society, started throwing more parties, became interested in design, and became an early adopter of tech. Honestly… all of that is correct. Although some of it was true when I was a PC. As I was reading through this graphic however, I truly did start to feel like my personality resonates more with the Mac column.

As you read this, I want you to forget about the kind of computer you’re reading it on and just think about what column you seem to fit into. Share with me in the comments.

[HT Eric Dye]

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I ran across a good question earlier today about image file management. Specifically looking for ways to best manage photos and get the uploaded to a WordPress blog. I’ve always prided myself on my personal file management system when it comes to my blogs and I thought this was a good opportunity to share it with you.

The first step to good image file management is to find the right image to go with your blog post. My friend John has laid out some pretty good ways to go about doing that. Check out The Complete Guide to Using Images in Your Blog Posts.

Once I’ve found the right image, I save a copy of it on my hard drive. Make sure to grab a size larger than the width of your blog post area. This way you’re not stretching the pixels and distorting the image. That said, once you’ve found and downloaded your image, put it in a file that is easy to locate. Here is a picture of my file structure, click the image to enlarge.

What the image shows is that all my images are saved in the following directory

Documents > Blogs > > Content > Images > 2011 > image name

You will notice that I’ve standardized the file names of my images. Before the simple one or two word name I give them I put a standard date format in. For example the top image in this post is 051011_files.jpg. The date is the post date. Sometimes the post date is off by a day or so if I build the post and publish it at a later date. However, images are one of the last things I add… so they’re typically not too far off.

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