The Best GPS iPhone Apps Out There

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So you have your iPhone and you are loving it. Social Apps…Check! Productivity Apps…Check! Game Apps…Check! A friend’s housewarming is today and they live two states over.

You hop into the car, put your destination into the Maps App, and follow the dot while driving to find your destination. While you looking at the dot in the Maps app, you hop the curb, crash into a parking meter, and you soil yourself.

This is life without a true GPS app. Couple this with the fact that you are poor like us all and you are in a pickle. So I have gathered a list of high quality GPS apps for close to nothing (or literally nothing).

1. GPS Navigation 2 Skobbler ($.99)

gps nav
This once free app was named Skobbler and upon getting a 99 cent price tag changed its name to GPS Navigation 2 Skobbler. First released in 2009, it uses the world free wiki map OpenStreeMap for it’s routes. It has basic features (Favorites, Recent Destinations, Local search, Coordinates) that work fairly well. My only complaint is that since it works on an open source map, it isn’t without its route flaws. The GPS map seems to be a bit more zoomed out than most GPS apps as well. With all of the said , you can still get from point A to point B without too many qualms. Nice Turn by Turn instructions that adjust very well when taken off of a route. I recommend it.

2.Mapquest (Free)
mapquestThe AOL owned Mapquest, has an iPhone app for free. This also uses OpenStreetMap and doesn’t seem to quite zoom the way you want it to. The app also has some issues adjusting when making a wrong turn. It does, however, have some redeeming qualities. There is a a nice search feature with gas stations, restaurants, etc. Not the best app but for free, you can’t beat it. Try it out!


3. Around Me (Free)

around meIncredible App for finding establishments of any sort, including parking. If you find an establishment that you want to add to your contacts, there is an option for that in the app. Very ease and streamlined. Recently, the app added Telenav Scout voice guided navigation. If you just want to use Around Me for finding an establishment, you can export the destination to another app (Tom Tom, Skobbler, Maps, Etc). Highly Recommended!


4. Waze (Free)

wazeSocial Networking + GPS = Waze. You are probably wondering how social networking can be coupled with a GPS app in an effective way. Waze is an app that heavily relies on the contribution of its user base. The user is given the option to report traffic issues via the app, and everybody that use it can see the reports instantaneously. For example, I was heading to work and someone nearby reported a minute before that there was a traffic jam near me. I saw it and rerouted. Waze also lets users report speed traps, road hazards and speed cameras. This is all laid out in an interface that you can use without crashing. Two button taps and  it is reported. It also has social network integration (Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, etc) There is a voice command feature for handsfree operation. This app should cost 20 dollars……but it is free. Please get this app.

So there are 4 apps that will make your life incredibly easy when traveling. I have all of them! It’s pretty amazing that you don’t have to spend money to have a seamless GPS experience. Check them out!

Ronald James


Writer, Gamer, Avid Movie Goer, Comic Book Reader, Apple lover, Amateur Graphic Designer. He runs a small streetwear line called Status Apparatus, has a music podcast called The Tempo Tandrum, and a movie review podcast called Movie Schmovie. Geek for I is an amazing outlet for Ronald to express his love for apple products!

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