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Our friend Jonathan (and sponsor) over at came to us the other day with a deal that we could not pass up!

For our beloved readers, you all, we have an chance to win some style for your iPad.

Jonathan is offering up winner’s choice of two pretty sweet iPad cases. As the winner you can pick from either the Denim Portfolio Case (seen above) or the Brief Case. It’s your call, your color, your case.

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Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 9.09.33 PM

A couple of months ago the boys over at Macgasm had a piece (found here) about a new type of iPhone case that made me go hmmm. I have always been against cases, but this intrigued me for some reason. They had a color selection of Orange, my favorite, along with a super cool sticky resin exterior.

I was sold!

I had totally forgotten that I have purchased one to giveaway on the site up until it came to my house out of the blue last week. Sitting in it’s pretty simple packe, along with it’s gorgeous Orange, I am excited to be giving this away to one luck fan! Continue Reading…


Okay, I have a confession to make. I haven’t always been a Mac.

Yes, it’s true. I grew up as a PC (GASP!)

My first computer was a bulky white Gateway and since then I’ve used Dells and HPs for college and now at work.

Using PC’s all these years, I’ve gotten pretty proficient at using all the keyboard shortcuts. In fact it’s a personal goal to use the mouse as little as possible.

However, since converting to Mac a few years ago (or “coming to the light”) I’ve had a little difficulty picking up on the keyboard shortcuts. Especially since the Mac Book Pro doesn’t display some of the unique symbols on the illuminated black keys.

As luck would have it, there’s an app for that.

Enter 101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac by my fellow Seattle-ite MacBlend.

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If there’s something cooler than writing about the latest iDevices, apps and iOS updates, its giving away cool accessories or apps to you all!

Today we are announcing the winners to our


  • @jeffreyprice
  • @hammerman1993
  • @jaycaruso

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Over the last few months we have been asked many a time to do a Stylus review. I have always said I didn’t see a need for it.

Since that point though, it seems more and more folks are using them. Paper, a very simple, but beautiful app could be even better with the right stylus.

We have 3 Portenzo Pro Stylus to giveaway to you all. The best part of this giveaway – the engraving. You will have 1 of three stylus engraved with Geekfori on it! Continue Reading…


Bee Brave is the little bee that could. A bee that was lost and it’s your job to help him get home. While the overall concept is an easy one, this game is not.

Originally thinking my kids would love this one, my 3 year old died within seconds each time playing. My 6 year old got the hang of it, but even she was unable to conquer this Bee-hemoth!

The gamers will plunge into a wonderful world of Little Bee and try their best to lead it home. There would be a lot of obstacles and enemies on their way, such as spiders, hornets, frogs, and chameleons. The only possibility to get home is to gather honey and fight these disgusting creatures with power-ups: sprays, time bombs, gift boxes, energizers.

After playing for a while the cuteness of the game wears off, but the competitive nature within me would not let me loose to a bee! The game is challenging even on an easier mode, but it is a fun way to spend a few minutes here and there.

Geekfori has a the opportunity to give this little bee a new home your iPhone and iPad, and it’s simple to sign up to win! Hit up the jump to find out more.

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It’s day five of our week long giveaway extravaganza and our final giveaway for our launch week. We hope that you all have enjoyed this week, our new site and are going to be one of our many winners!

We don’t want to just go out with a whimper so we have one last gift to give to you all! We started out the week with a DODOcase and now we want to give you another chance at making your iPad look gorgeous.

We have an orange Portenzo demo unit to giveaway that is in pristine shape!

Anyone else out there an Orange fan like myself?

Hit up the jump on how to win and make sure you come back tomorrow for more great giveaways here on Geek for i!

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